Bead Merry and Bright-Ornament Thursday Pt. 4


Hello Ornament Thursday!  It’s been quite a crafty week to say the least.  Saturday, was Second Saturday where we decorated picture frames.  Saturday afternoon there was a holiday bazaar of sorts at the international school.  Then on Sunday at 9:30, the brunch with Santa kicked off.


Me and my pal Meg helped the kids make Shanghai Snowman ornamentsWe cranked out 56 snowman ornaments in an hour and a half!  That’s a lot of snow, er, spoons as it were.


The kids did a great job picking out their parts and pieces; snowflakes, felt hats, scarves, buttons and so on.  There were a lot of decisions to be made.  And I learned that carrot noses look good pointing in any direction.  My favorite part was when they put on the face.  We used Sharpie markers so they could draw smiley faces or dots or whatever their little minds came up with.

Last night we had a little Christmas gathering at a friend’s house.  I had 20 Shanghai Snowman ornament kits left so I took them along.  It didn’t take too much crackin’ of the crafty whip to get the men in on the fun.  One of the guys was positive he hadn’t crafted since first grade. Love that.


Me Crackin’ the Crafty Whip!


By the end, we were all smooshed around the table making snowmen ornaments.  The crafty bug is very contagious as you know!  You can see from the first photo, each ornament has it’s own personality.  We had some good laughs and everyone got to take home ornaments.

Anna (in above picture) made a bunch of super cool snowmen, including this one.  She’s a very creative and crafty girl after my own heart.


We’ve got nearly 30! people participating in Ornament Thursday Virtual Craft Night this week.  Yowza!  Check em’ out and feel free to join in next week~the last ornament Thursday before Christmas!

Sara Naumann
Lynn Kvigne
Candie Cooper
Katie Hacker
Margot Potter
Linda Augsburg
Melanie Brooks Lukacs
Art Bead Scene
Cindy Gimbrone
Polymer Clay Craft Gossip
Alexa Westerfield from
Debba Haupert
Elaine Luther
Melissa Lee
Rebecca Peck
Jean Yates
Michelle McGee
Jenny Harada
Jennifer Heynen
Hali Chambers
Kriss Kramer


  1. MAN they are CUTE!

  2. really cute and easy. What a great make and take.

  3. Cute snowmen! Way to go spreading that crafty bug to your friends!

  4. Cute snowmen! Way to go spreading that crafty bug to your friends!

  5. Very fun, Miss Candie Cane.
    I especially love the pic of you cracking the crafty whip. Are those cookies I see in the foreground? Yummy.

  6. Great stuff! I love how you got everyone involved!

  7. Mistress Candie
    Fab as always! Love these.
    You are way too effing cute.

  8. Oh, cute! I can’t wait until my son is old enough to try some of these together.

  9. LOVE the snowmen. They ARE very merry and bright!

  10. Candie,
    These are so cute! And those ccokies look delicious!

  11. I love all of your ornaments! Since I’m not that craftily creative I’ll have to settle for making others’ designs. Thanks for sharing how to make them!

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