Bead Merry and Bright…Part 3


Happy Ornament Thursday!   This week’s ornament celebrates peace, love and thrifting! Over the summer I rescued a broken wind chime from the local thrift store.  A bag o’ birds for three dollars?!?!  I couldn’t resist.    I didn’t really know what I’d do with them at the time, but recently I have found they make for perfect ornaments!  With their dove shape, I painted them all white with metal paint.  This one actually has a coat of pearl paint on it although it’s hard to see in the photo.  This afternoon I took it to the studio to finish and here’s what I came up with:


Peace Bird Ornament, 2007

A few beads, ribbon and a peace charm—-done! I was inspired by a a wall hanging at my grandparent’s house that’s been there for as long as I can remember. It’s all white and made from metal that has a slight rusty patina and spells PEACE vertically with a dove hanging at the bottom.  Now if I could just get it to rust a little around the edges! 

Material Notes:  Peace Charm from the Artgirlz , beading wire from Beadalon, lustery pearl Adirondack paint by Ranger

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  1. Miss Candie
    I love this! Great job again. You crafty mama you!
    Miss Madge

  2. I love this ornament, Candie. So sweet and perfect. Have any of those doves left?

  3. what a great use for old castaways! I love how you made something dingy into something bright, beautiful, and inspiring. Good job!

  4. I _love_ this concept – beautiful ornament!!!

  5. I _love_ this concept – beautiful ornament!!!

  6. I _love_ this concept – beautiful ornament!!!

  7. It’s gorgeous Clyde. What’s next?

  8. Really pretty!

  9. Candie,
    This is so pretty! I have a dove ornament on my tree, but she’s a little plain. You’ve just inspired me to jazz her up a bit! Thanks!

  10. This is so pretty!

  11. Clevery, Christmassy and a bit “groovy” too! It’s amazing the kinds of ornaments thrift stores seem to be having this year. I’ve hit it fairly lucky myself in that way, so it’s fun to see what other folks have uncovered. It sounds like quite a good deal to get metal ornaments for the price you paid. Happy, thrifty holidays to you!

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