More Bead Merry and Bright!…..Ornament Thursday


Hello and welcome to Ornament Thursday~our virtual craft night get together. This came about when I mentioned to Katie that I wished we could get together for a holiday craft night.  That’s not possible so we’re sharing ornament ideas via our blogs.  Guess what?  You’re invited too!  Just post pictures (and tips or a quick how to) on your blog and leave a link to your post in the comments section here.  The more the merrier!

My offering today is pictured above—-Tartan Love!


My friend Meg remembered these fabric covered ornaments as a kid so we set out to reconstruct them.  She bought the materials and the day we made cookies, we also did a little crafting.  My pal Krissy and I traded off on our cookie duties while we made the first heart.  It was a group effort to put the pieces of the puzzle together, really.   


  • 1/8th yard of metallic paper-like fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • polystyrene form (heart, star, ball)
  • scissors
  • tooth pick
  • paint brush
  • 4mm gold glass faceted beads
  • straight or sequin pins
  • multi-purpose adhesive
  • 10 inches of ribbon

Instructions:  Cut the fabric into small squares-approximately 1/4".  Poke a tooth pick into the side of your polystyrene form–this gives you something to hold onto.  Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto small sections of the form and stick the fabric squares into place.  Add a thin layer of MP over each piece of fabric.  Continue overlapping and sticking the fabric (see photo above).  At this point it may look a little scary. Once the MP becomes tacky you can smooth down loose edges with the wooden handle on the paint brush.  Poke the tooth pick into a block of foam and leave to dry.  Remove the tooth pick and patch up the hole with another piece of fabric and MP, leaving it to dry.  String a bead onto a pin, add a dot of glue to the pin and poke it into the side of the form.  Repeat with desired pattern.  Don’t forget to save a spot at the top for attaching the ribbon.  Bring the two ends of ribbon together and make an over hand knot.  String a bead onto a pin followed by the ribbon.  Put a dot of glue where you want the ribbon and push the bead/ribbon pin down into the top of the form. 


More festive ideas….

  • Katie made a cool LOVE ornament.
  • Madge made a sweet photo ornament of her grandparents.
  • Jean made a naughty angel ornament.
  • Jennifer made a whimsical ornament set.
  • Alexia made a funky cool ornament.

Join in anytime…please don’t feel like you have to post instructions though.  We just want to see what you’re putting on your tree this year!

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