Indra Chowk Bead Market…Kathmandu


I had no idea what to expect when we set out in search of the "bead market" in Kathmandu.  I guess after living here I was expecting it to be BIG.  But, I pleasantly found just the opposite.  We wound through tiny alley-like streets making our way to an intersection of streets called Indra Chowk.  I read online that the bead market is "tucked away."  That it is.  But, easy to find for a bead-hound. I can smell beads a mile away.  We saw one little closet-like stall then another and another and another…you get the idea? Each stall glistening with strands of glass seed beads.  Incredible!


I came in from an angle that seemed like there were only a few vendors.  "There must be more?"  I walked down one skinny path and turned only to find another row, turn the corner again, and more vendors.  It literally felt like I was a bead rat in a maze with walls of seed beads.  My pictures didn’t capture that, but it was so neat.  I ended up with a  pile of seed beaded bangles from the man in the top picture and then this necklace:


You could pick your own strands and have a necklace made on the spot (I opted for a pre-made one—-to hard to choose which seed beads folks).  I wanted to take pictures of them making them because that was interesting also, but I chickened out.  Sorry.  I love the colors in this necklace and did I ever tell you I’m a sucker for button and loop clasps.  I am.  So that was my first bead experience in Kathmandu.  More to come….


  1. Candie, it looks like a fantastic experience! I can’t wait to see more 🙂 Welcome back home.

  2. Me too! More, more, mor!

  3. It seems you have traveled to many places, so I wanted to ask if you have been to Taiwan? I’m actually going there next January and was wondering if you have any places to suggest that I check out for beads and jewelry making materials?

  4. Hi Anh,
    I’m sorry to say, I haven’t been to Taiwan for materials. I always have luck google-ing “bead market in ……..”. Hopefully you’ll get a lead that way.
    Have fun! Candie

  5. Aww thanks anyways. I never thought about googling, good idea =P

  6. Sew Creative says

    Hiya, i came across your page while doing market research on opening my own beading shop. I see you have traveled quite a bit in your search for beads. I was hoping that maybe you could tell me which countries/ towns are in your opinion would be the best places for someone like me to source my product.
    Which of the bead markets that you have been to were the most amazing?
    I really look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks for any help in advance,
    Kindest Regards, Tara.

  7. The beads look awesome! I should think I’d never leave it I had the opportunity to go there.

  8. Hey ! am I glad to vist your blog ! from this I can get some information that I didn’t know before. You made my day.

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