Bead Crochet…


Oh, it was another busy week at the Cage and still going.  Tuesday I taught the ladies how to crochet with beads.  It took all those coffees on the table, diet coke, and some pizza to get us to the finish line on these.  Needless to say, it was a little daunting at first, bue everyone rose to the challenge and the final results were stunning.


This is the sample I used to demonstrate the technique. Surprising myself, I went with choker length!?!   The clasp is hand picked from Jess Imports.  We randomly found Jess Imports while strolling through San Fran last January–lucky me!  Their store front is closed now, but their online selection is super and I think they vend at many bead shows, so fret not!


Be watching for an upcoming issue of Simply Beads Magazine for a similar necklace using this same technique. 

Today I taught a simple class on stamping, embossing, and decoupaging.  More on that later because I have to go to bed. Seriously.  21 people signed up for my kids felting class tomorrow morning and the teacher needs to rest up!


  1. Do you have the crochet necklace in any of your that!
    Pat Sloan

  2. Do you have the crochet necklace in any of your that!
    Pat Sloan

  3. Hi Pat!
    This technique and similar design will be in the FEB 08 issue of Simply Beads Magazine. Thanks for asking! šŸ™‚ Candie

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