Well, we’ve turned the couch into our office tonight and are working.  It happens.  The man is putting out fires here and communicating back to the States.  One hand on his phone (which has been ringing off the hook) and one on the computer.  It seems that whenever you take a vacation, you have to work over-time.  And triple time in my case, after loosing a week and a half to pneumonia.  However, I think it’s nights like this that make you savor the time away to come.  So since we would be working here in the living room tonight, on the way home from the studio I stopped by DVD-Boy’s stand to check his offerings.  I scored 101 Dalmatians, the Indiana Jones set and Stand By Me, which is what we’re watching right now. I’d forgotten how much I love this movie.  The lines, the actors, the life messages.  If you haven’t seen it in a few years, I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix queue. 

Indeed we are actually leaving Shenzhen for a few days for a quick adventure.  We catch a plane to Kathmandu on Tuesday.  I haven’t done too much research on what to see so I welcome your 2 cents.  All I know is that our hotel is next to the big square and it includes breakfast.  I know we will visit temples and markets….the bead market.  Oh yes.  We’re so excited.

P.S.  If you have sent me an email in the last week or so, I haven’t forgot about you.  Thanks for checking in and the nice notes. I’ll be emailing this weekend, so talk soon.

P.S.S.  MySpace was also bl()cked a couple of weeks ago, so if you emailed me there, I cannot login.  šŸ™  But,  our class reunion has been set for JULY 26th. 

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