Ch!nese Dinner…

Last night we went to Mr. Savvy’s vendor’s house for dinner and to see his new baby.  Cute baby.  Which reminds me this apartment had posters of babies taped to the wall everywhere.  I had to get the scoop.  Apparently, they have a theory; if the wife is surrounded by pictures of beautiful babies to look at each day while she is pregnant, their baby will be beautiful also.  In response Mr. Savvy says, "we just hope the baby comes out looking like the mother!"  Nice.  Thank you Butch.


Most Ch!nese families have the wife and husband and then the husband’s parents living together.  It’s grandma’s job to raise the baby for the most part—even get up with her in the middle of the night!  The wife and son work crazy hours.  And that leaves grandpa to do all the cooking.  At least in this apartment.  Grandpa made a feast for us last night.  He knows my husband loves chitins and spicy food so he made accordingly.  But not too spicy as he somehow knew I don’t eat spicy.  Can I just tell you I had chitlins for the first time last night? Well, one anyway.  Kind of rubbery.  And I tried this preserved black egg.  Looks rotten really, but it just tasted sort of like a hard boiled egg.  Survivor here I come!  I didn’t have my camera, sorry.  He also made pork and different vegetables, all very yummy.   They gave us a bag of Ch!nese handcrafts and ornaments that the wife’s mother had made.  The photo above is a neck rest pillow. 

The whole evening was overwhelmingly thoughtful.  Even though we don’t speak a load of Ch!nese, it didn’t matter as eating, drinking, and being merry together is the same wherever you are in the world.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I love all of your creations. They are amazingly beautiful! I would love to purchase some pieces from you sometime… Anyway, I love seeing what you are working on and hearing a little about your life even though we lost touch for so long. You are truly talented, Candie!

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