I spy! Or spied rather!


I was just reading Shiny Little Things, Cynthia’s blog.  She has pictures up of a friend with her advanced copy of Beading with Charms (Lark Books, 07) of which she has a project in.  Congratulations Ndidi!  I ripped this picture from Cynthia’s blog.  Super snap-shot!  Thank you Cynthia. šŸ˜‰ 

As I was looking at the photo, my eyes bugged for a second when I spied my China necklace.  I love surprises! Thank you Lark Books! Now, I am absolutely kicking myself for not having my copy sent here. Oh, suspense!  I usually have the copies sent here, but my book stash is getting a little hefty and someday it’s going to have to be shipped home.  Alas….as Katie would say.  None the less, that was a great surprise.  I have a link to the right for Beading with Charms by Katherine Duncan-Aimone.   I have no doubt that it will be filled with uber inspiring projects.  Can’t wait to see it. Thank you again to Lark for including my designs in the book.

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