Strung for Charity…


A friend asked me if I would make up a piece for the international school’s auction.  I found this bamboo and shell pendant in my stash and went from there.  My fingers were drawn to the latte and eggplant colored pearls–signs of fall weather moving in…I’m sure.  I love the Zen-ness that comes with stringing simple patterned necklaces.  That is until you check back through your work and see that you forgot to string one tiny 4mm glass bead right next to the pendant.  Ugh.  It happens. But, I’m pleased with the overall piece. 

Just a quick post…Rocker is antsy so I suspect it’s time to go for a walk.  I’ll close here. May all your beading be Zen-ful! 


  1. I do that all of the time! Even with a bead board! There is a Zen in that too. Nothing is perfect…and in its imperfection lies its beauty.

  2. I love this pendant. And the colors are sublime.
    I have left beads out of a seemingly simple pattern SO many times! So much for simple.
    Katie hearts Candie.

  3. That is a lovely set. And the pendant is beautiful. How great to contribute your beaded work to a charitable cause!

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