Blue with the Flu…


This is exactly how I feel.  Monday night I came down with a flu bug of sorts.  Not really sure, but whatever it is, it can go away anytime now.  I took this picture walking to work one day.  She works at the moped repair shop.  I am shameless.

The street that we (we, being Rocker and I) walk down everyday is an utter mess.  They’ve cut down every single tree because they plan to widen the road.


It looks rather stark without the trees.  This place is always changing.  And they can modify a lot at a rapid pace.   I’ve seen it over and over here.  One night the grocery is stocked full and the next morning there is not a single ounce of anything left.  Another time, we had lunch at a restaurant and two days later the whole building was gone.  Literally gone.  Bulldozed to the ground with ruble removed.  It’s all very strange and something that’s hard to adjust to. 

Being sick is so boring… Rocker has stayed by my side the whole time.  He thinks he’s sick also.  We’ve been snoozing all afternoon.  Mr. S is out at the factory tonight so I think we’ll put in a movie.   


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

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