It’s Time for Everyone’s Favorite Game…

FIND-THE-BEAD!!!  Yayyyyyyy! 

Ok, a little lame.  Annnnnyyyyyway, I was drinking my coffee this morning trying to think of something for my bead blogger post.  And as I looked around, I noticed beads are used in so many of our household objects.  So, let’s play!  FIND-THE-BEAD! 


One of my all time favorite thrifted finds.  I bought it nearly 10 years ago and drug it all the way to Ch!na with me.  It was made just over in HK.  Love that.


Here’s a shirt I picked up in Rheydt, Germany.  I believe it was what started my whole love for Mandarin collars.  Needs ironed!  Lord.


Ohhhhh, horses.  Little leathery, kitschy, horses!  I got them here in Dongmen when Grandma and I were shopping at the fabric market.


Ch!nese zodiac wall ornament from Suzhou.  The rabbit is our fav as we think it looks like Rocker.  Don’t tell him I said so though.


And lastly, the cat neck pillow.  This is also from Suzhou and is made from the famous blue and white fabric made here.

Ah, beads. So useful and perfect.  Thanks for playing and have a good weekend everybody!

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