Where’s My Writer’s Bump?!?!?

Just now I turned to Mr. Savvy to announce that my writer’s bump is nearly gone.  "Huh?" was his response.  It didn’t help that I was flashing him my ring finger.  Now if you held your pencil properly (unlike me), it should be on your middle finger.  I try not to wave my middle finger at my husband too often….at least not to his face.  šŸ˜‰  He didn’t get it, so I said, "I’m googling it!"  "Writer’s Bump"—I’m not the only one to notice this phenomenon.  Apparently, the writer’s bump is well on it’s way to extinction.  I’m sad.  This is comparable to when little kids ask what a typewriter is.

P.S.  I believe my older sister’s writer’s bump is on her ring finger as well.  Hmmmm.


  1. I am losing mine too. I remember how I hated it in High School because my finger looked deformed. :*)

  2. Ha, ha! Yes, I remember thinking the same thing in H.S.!!!

  3. Carrie Brunson says

    You’re right Sis, I just looked though…mine’s disappearing too! However, my fingers ache from keyboarding!
    I need your help w/ my college course I’m teaching. Without saying too much can you help me w/ some effects of over-p0pulati0n?

  4. I have the same bump. I’ve been out of high school for 23 years – that sounds old *sigh*
    It is a very unattractive bump on my right ring finger. I would go as far as to say it is UGLY “OLD” bump.
    How did you get yours to disappear?

  5. It’s not ugly!! We worked hard to get those bumps, taking notes and writing all those years. Right?!?! lol.
    Mine disappeared because I haven’t written with a pen intensively since college. If I write now, it’s on the computer. Also, I notice when I do write, I don’t nearly have the stamina I used to! Sigh…is right. šŸ™‚

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