I’ve been on a tour…

A whirlwind tour, that is…

It all started on Monday when my pal K and I went to Guanzhou to buy materials for some projects and classes…and a few just for fun.


In terms of fun stuff, it’s really easy to blow your allowance in a four story mall filled with beads and findings of all sorts.  Do we look a little tired?  We are.  I believe we got up at 6 am to make the journey, but it was totally worth it!  Nothing beats delirious bead shopping.


This is one of my favorite places to buy kitschy glass beads.   They’re always happy to see me go as I only buy one strand of this and one strand of that.  Most folks buy fifty kagillion strands of a single bead, you know?  That’s just how they roll here.

On Tuesday I taught how to make a "garden variety necklace" and then on Wednesday I hopped a ferry to Hong Kong to go to the Gem and Jewelry show. Holy Smokes!


This picture doesn’t really do the show justice, but I always wimp out taking photos in places like this.  I went to check out trends and to simply see and experience the show.  It was pretty crazy.  That night I caught up with some fabulous folks from Beadalon.  Seeing people you know on this side of the planet is so surreal, I can’t describe it.

And speaking of Beadalon, you’ve got to get yourself some of their new CZ Drops:


I whipped up a few pairs of earrings on Sunday.  I couldn’t get off the sparkle train!  These things are marvelous! 

And that’s about all on my end, really.  I’ve got a shipping deadline tomorrow morning so I’m off to tidy that up.  Tomorrow is Mr. Savvy’s birthday—as of now he has to go into the factory to work.  Yay.   I’m going to attempt to surprise him by baking a sugar free blueberry cheesecake.  Yahooooo!


  1. What a bead day! I’m drooling over all those sparklies!

  2. Looks like quite the trip to HK. thanks for sharing your pix! And happy birthday to Mr. F!

  3. I want to be there!

  4. Wow! With all of those choices how do you decide? Lucky Girl!

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