Beadville….a pleasant place!

Art Bead Scene 
If you have ever struggled with taking great photographs of your beads or jewelry, you might be interested in this photography/Photoshop tutorial that glass bead artist Lori Greenberg posted on Art Bead Scene back in April. It has helpful tips for newbies and experts alike!

Bead Arts 
Read the story of a collaborative charm necklace that brought artists together from across the country, to raise money for breast cancer research!

Creating Projects for Magazines 
In another Adventures in Jewelry Making with the BQOTU Post from April of this year, Margot gives you the skinny on getting your work into magazines. Flakey Artists need not apply.

Jewelry and Beading 
Tammy from the Jewelry and Beading Blog offers some tips for getting started with fused glass. Take a class. Or even better, become an apprentice.

Katie’s Beading Blog 
Take a peek inside Katie’s jewelry box with this crafty blast from the past. It’s the first in a series of posts that bring new meaning to the phrase, "you’ve come a long way, baby!"

Savvy Crafter 
Who’da thought it? Scented jewelry?!?! Follow your nose on over to Candie’s blog for a little "scent" for thought.


Snap out of it Jean! There’s beading to be done! 
Jean senses a transition from summer to autumn in the air. This pair of earrings is a quiet contemplation of two seasons, one which is departing, one which is coming up.

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