Beading With Crystals…


There’s a new beading book on the block with two of my designs in it.  I got a copy in the mail recently and it did not disappoint….promise!  It starts with a brief history of crystals followed by material and tool information.  You can find techniques like knotting, stringing, off-loom beading, wire working and moi’s how to weave beads into gems like these:


I enjoy how the designs showcase the wide variety of crystal shapes and components.  There are several designs in the book that I want to make for myself too!  Inspirational from all angles, I give it 5 Swarovski Star Pendants!


Beading with Crystals is authored by Katherine Aimone and Jean Campbell, published by Lark Books.


  1. Wow they are excellent an eye catchy.

  2. Thanks! They are so easy to make once you get the hang of it! Nice crystals site btw!

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