Jello pudding pops?  Chocolate, Vanilla, Swirl, and some fruit flavors?  I believe it would have been another 80’s thing.  I associate eating them after a good swim on the yellow porch swing at my grandparent’s house.  It was slightly devastating when I realized Jello had stopped making them altogether.  You too?!?  Fear not, there is a solution!

It all started about a month ago, when the idea to do a search for jello pudding pops popped into my head to see just what happened to them.  And some good news came up in the hits… 

A. They’re Back! (as of 2004, no less!  Where have I been!?!?)

B.  The Recipe from Kraft!  (for those of us living on the outside)

There were also petitions to bring pudding pops back!  Alas, I’m not the only one that’s been in mourning.  I’m a DIY girl, so I went straight to the kitchen, grabbed Mr Savvy’s sugar-free choco pudding mix, my trusty popsicle maker and got to work.  After 8 grueling minutes of stirring and spooning, I had these:


I’ll tell you, 8 minutes was nothin’!!!  Because then I had to wait 5 hours for the results!  Tor—-ture!  After all, I’ve been waiting since 88′ for these or something.   


Worked like a charm!  I think we ate the whole tray in a weekend!  Since then, we’ve tried vanilla with slices of banana.


Still tasty, but if you’re a chocolate fan, don’t mess around–get the chocolate pudding! 

Excited?  I knew you would be.   Speaking of Excited, I head back State-side on Thursday for two whole weeks.  I’m even going to check out the Craft and Hobby Association show in Chicago!  And with that, it’s time to dig out the suitcases.

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