More WIP…

or should I say, Wine-Charms In Progress.

I’m a sucker for tiny cool stuff that I can use in my designs.  So, after living here in Ch!na for the past year and a half, you can only imagine what I’ve got spilling out of my pockets.  Game pieces, koi charms, cloisonne beads, silk knots, cinnabar, coins, blue and white porcelain beads and a whole lotta other junk items.  This is where I’ll tell you that even though I miss all our crafty goodness back home, I have to admit it’s pretty fun to scavenge for new things here (ok, you got me, Cynthia! :-).


I don’t know how it started, but someone in my crafty posse mentioned wine charms, so on our shopping trips we started collecting focal pieces for them.  It has taken some time to design them, but the results have been fab.  It’s also neat to have another small keepsake (that we made ourselves no less!) to remind us of our time here.  I have about five to go before they’re finished.  Definitely time to work in some RED don’tcha think? 

After thinking about these, it prompted the idea: what about having a set with some of the places we’ve been? An Eiffel tower charm for Paris, Murano glass beads and mask charm for Venice, Statue of L!berty for New York City….State to State ones could also be fun.  The possibilities are endless, I tell you!  And I’m positive, they’ll stir up some great conversations at your next party.

P.S.  If you’re thinking about making some, keep an open mind about objects. If it’s not ready to hang, you can always drill a hole in it yourself and use a jump ring or add an eye screw.


  1. I like how these don’t look like your usual wine charms. You added so much to them that they really stand out as art pieces.

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