Last evening Mr. Savvy and I sat on the couch listening to 80’s hair band music while we worked.  It all started when I turned to Mr. S and said, "when I was little, My Uncle Jack gave me a Cars tape for my birthday."  We covered Motley Crue, AC/DC, and many more. Helter Skelter, Dirty Deeds.  Angry music as I call it. lol Then we moved onto Billy Idol’s, Eyes Without A Face.  We even listened to a little Pat Benatar-really not sure how she got in there, but the cd covers reminded me of looking at my Aunt Jane’s record collection when I was a kid.


Of course we didn’t stop there with memories…my sister was mentioned once or twice as she was knee deep in high school during the 80’s along with Mr. Savvy.  We had skate boards-Skate or Die, you know.  Parachute pants anyone?  We also did a lot of break dancing in the back yard. Very cool.  Being a good older sister, The Elf kept me well stocked with jelly and slinky bracelets.  The slinky bracelets were rather fragile as I recall.


Oh Cindy!  I forgot to show you a couple of snaps I took of MTV.  Just in case you were wondering what they play over here.  Anyone remember Cindy’s papery dresses?  Mr. S says they were made of trash-kind of recycled.  Is this true?

Feel free to add a couple of your own memories in the comments….


  1. I love 80’s music and videos! That’s what I grew up on when I was first discovering music.
    And I loved that Cyndi Lauper video. She had such great style! I *so* wanted to shave half my head and dye it orange like in that “Time After Time” video, but I guess my mom didn’t think that was an appropriate look for a 12 year old. Very wise…
    Thanks for the flashback!

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