DIY Fringe Earrings

This post brought to you by BEADALON.DIY Fringe Earrings Make them in less than 30 minutes with Beadalon slide connector findingsJ-Lo called….she wants her earrings back.

Ah, fringe.

You guys know I’m addicted right?Beadalon Slide Connector findings for cup chain and ball chainHere’s the “gateway” finding:  Beadalon slide connectors.  I think it started with the Statement bracelets I made awhile back.  These earrings have been on my brain since March and I finally finished them.How to attach a cup chain findingI’m using cup chain and ball chain for the fringe and to spice it up, I’ve added an arrow charm to the center.  You’ll need some cup chain connectors in the appropriate size.DIY Jewelry Making Closing prongs on cup chain connectorSet the last link of cup chain down in the finding and roll the prongs over with Beadalon’s sparkly chain nose pliers.  The tapered end of the plier is awesome for working with tiny parts.DIY Jewelry Making Opening and closing a jump ringsNow you can connect your arrow charm.DIY Jewelry Making Arrow charm earringsI found several art pieces with this arrow quote on the internet with no source but really loved the message.

From my experiences, it’s true.  For me, the hard part is remembering to focus and aim when you’re in the thick of it.  It’s something I really have to practice and be mindful about.

Moving on…DIY Jewelry Making Beadalon connector findingsNow, you can start sliding in your random bits of chain, trimming as you go with wire cutters.DIY Jewelry Making Adding cup chainBefore I forget, these slide connectors come in 3 different widths so you can simplify these if you like.DIY Jewelry Making Closing slide connector findingRoll the cap on the slide connector closed, pushing it against the table top to make sure it’s secure.DIY Jewelry Making Fringe Earrings with Beadalon Findings How to open an ear wireNow, we are to the finish line.  Open the loop on your ear wire from side to side and connect the loop on the slide connector. 
DIY Jewelry Making Fringe Earrings with Beadalon Findings Connecting an ear wiireClose the loop with the chain nose pliers.Fringe Earrings with Beadalon findings and toolsDIY Jewelry Making Fringe EarringsDIY fringe earrings from @CandieCooperEarringology by Candie CooperCheck out my book, Earringology, for more fun ideas!


  1. What a great idea. Love your designs

  2. LOVELY. But i like it better when we.see your smiling face.

  3. Cathy Jakicic says

    The arrows really make these unique. A great idea.

  4. Marisol Hafner says

    Thank you for reposting this!! I have been wanting to make earrings like this. What size cupchain is this?

    Thanks Candie!

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