Ouch! A Remedy for Chapped Hands and a New Issue of Stringing Magazine

Candie Cooper in winter Stringing jewelry magazineIt’s always exciting to see my projects go to print.  Big thanks to Stringing magazine for including three of my designs in their winter issue!  I don’t like to kiss and tell so this is as much as I’ll show.  It’s on newsstands now or there are digital copies available which are especially great for tablet users!dry chapped handsWinter is still here.

Still here.

And my hands are dry and chapped.  I wanted to share one of my new favorite fixes:Rose salve remedy for chapped handsC.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve No. 012.  You can get it Bath and Body Works or online of courseRose Salve heals dry chapped hands in winterThere are lots of things I love about it–it’s pink, it smells nice, all in a compact tin.  I keep it in my jewelry making pliers kit.

I don’t know about you, but by the end of winter, my skin is comparable to a 220 grit piece of sand paper.  I try to drink more water, use lotions after showering and so on, but inevitably I am dried up.

Totes.Rose Salve relief from dry chapped handsSo this has been one of my recent treats for my dried up, cracked and chapped handsies.My happy hands hahaThe thing is, don’t stop after one application.  As soon as your hands feel good, put it on again….and then again to rehydrate them.

Happy hands make good jewelry.C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve heals dry skinPlus, I’m a sucker for a vintage looking tin.  I will totally recycle this thing into jewelry when it’s empty (and that won’t be long if we keep getting hammered with these cold bursts!).

Until next time, sweet people!

Stringing Magazine plus a GIVEAWAY

Jewelry Making Candie Cooper featured in Fall Stringing MagazineIt’s an honor to be featured on and in the Fall issue of Stringing Magazine!It’s been many years since I submitted designs to Stringing and I was so touched to have four designs in this issue (including the one on the cover!).  Big humble THANK YOU, Interweave/F&W Media.Stringing magazine tassel necklace how to from Candie CooperThis is a slightly different version that I’m wearing versus the one on the cover which is one of the reasons I love this design so much—You can adapt it however you like.

Speaking of design, this is definitely one from my heart.  You guys know my love for fringe…and leather…and a touch of sparkle.  I was diddling (is that really a word?) around one morning, working on classes for Jesse James Beads for Bead Fest April and I thought, I’m making myself a necklace. There is always a small (ok, really huge) collection of Jesse James Beads laying around and I have a few strands that I hoard because I LOVE them.  These teal and brown Inspiration strands were part of that hoard.  The wood beads were some I found in Tucson and Sarah from Jesse James Beads really loved them too, so they were added to the JJB site.  For me, designing jewelry is all about mixing and matching surfaces with color. This piece went together really fast.  I was in the flow for sure and that’s how I knew it was a good one (if I do say so myself…and I am)!Jewelry Stringing Magazine Candie Cooper's cover necklaceCandie Cooper featured artist in Stringing Fall issueRemember those beading videos I did with Interweave?  There is also a little feature article about those in this issue.  PLUS!  A bonus project from the Leather Cuffs video.Jewelry Making Candie Cooper and JesseJamesBeads.com projects in Stringing Fall 15 magazineMost of the projects in this issue feature beads from JesseJamesBeads.com so guess what!?!Cherries and Chocolate Giveaway kit from Candie Cooper, JesseJamesBeads.com and Stringing Magazine!You can win a kit of one of my projects in Stringing thanks to JesseJamesBeads.com!  PLUS!  Stringing magazine is throwing in a copy of this issue!cherries and chocolate kitHere’s a close up of what you’ll win.  It’s the Cherries and Chocolate kit featuring one of JesseJamesBeads.com’s soutache necklace!  Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Merry 2011…

"Merry 2011!"  This is what my college freshman cousin texted back to me after I wished his family (who were somewhere skiing–I love their NYE style btw) a Happy New Year.  It made me smile and giggle.  He is refreshing!  

Photo on 2011-01-01 at 11.18 #4

This is me and Rocker earlier today, warm and toasty in our new cabin digs and oh so lucky to have each other.  Rocker suggested we give you our best mysterious model look.  Did we get it?  Haha.  We love us some PhotoBooth!  Which leads me to I got a new computer finally….I converted to Mac-alisism! Praise the Lord!  My old one was old and that's all I need to say.  Ok, but I feel like I'm driving a caddy when I work on this thing.  Smooth.  Fast.  I love it!  

2010's life brought ups and downs…just like every year.  I'm lucky, that's one thing I know for sure.  I made so many new friends this past year and a beautiful new place to live and work fell from the stars into my lap.  Still no "Mr. Right."  I think that's ok for now though.  I found that my work really grew and changed this year and some neat projects fell into my lap.  I tried some new things, like my first Steampunk necklace that uses Jangles parts featured in Winter 2010 Stringing magazine.  


Thank you everyone who has friended me on facebook.  Facebook…whoulda thought?!  If you haven't, please come on over and look me up!  I want to also say thank you to those of you who purchased my Metalworking 101 for Beaders book this past year and dropped lines to say hello.  I have a few goals for 2011 and one of them is to teach more creative jewelry workshops anywhere and everywhere starting with the Indiana Bead Society on March 19th.


There's lots more, but I'll stop here.  I like this song  so I'm sharing!  It gives me that get-up-and-go-do-whatever-you-need-to-get- done-energy….which is what I'm all about this year.