Sari Silk Wrapped Beads

Sari Silk Beads on Leather Cord NecklaceMore sari silk love here on the ol’ blog!

This is a project I did on PBS television’s Beads, Baubles and Jewels last December.  Time really does fly!  It is based off a project in my book, Necklaceology.DIY Sari Silk NecklaceBasically, you wrap big macrame beads with sari silk and then embellish them with stitchery and tiny seed beads.  You’ll need a tapestry needle to thread the silk ribbon through.  The needle will run through the center of the bead and around and round.  Put a little glue inside the bead to keep the ribbon from unraveling.Sari Silk Wrapped Beads with LeatherYou can use the tapestry needle for the leather too.  I’m using Beadalon’s Indian leather and spacer beads here.Sari Silk Wrapped BeadsHere’s a link the the Beads, Baubles and Jewels page with the project, photos, and instructions.

necklaceology 2If you’re curious about Necklaceology, may I invite you to take a peek here?

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Sari Silk Wrapped Leather Bracelet

Candie Cooper Leather Cuff

Candie Cooper Leather Cuff with Silk

Candie Cooper Leather and Metal CuffsThis is one of my go-to bracelets I made last fall.  Hard to believe it’s been a year since I made it!  It’s comfy, it’s big, and it’s got a touch of sparkle.  I dress it up and dress it down.  It’s simply a leather cuff wrapped in different sari silks and embellished with a concho.

Last night I got home from a week of travel.  It occurred to me that I worked two weeks without a day off and today I find myself absolutely zonked.  Let down.  My guest appearance on Jewelry Television for Beadalon went great!  Thanks to everyone that tuned in.  Bead Fest in Philly was amazing!  I loved it all and will fill you  in more later.  Today I faced the music on chores and taking as many naps as I wanted.  Hubs moved all the furniture and tore the carpet out from the library and dining room while I was gone too.  Needless to say there is much to be done on work and the ranch, but for now I am putting my feet up and that is all.