Pretty In Pink: DIY Rose Gold Druzy Necklace

This post brought to you by LeatherCord USA.Druzy rose gold DIY leather necklaceRose gold.  Do you find it as refreshing as I do?  It’s popping up everywhere.  I’m especially in love with the rose gold plated druzy quartz pieces like the one in this DIY Leather Necklace.

This pendant is faux druzy, but none the less, I love it.LeatherCord USA leather for jewelry makingAccompanying this druzy is some fab pink and natural colored round leather cords from LeatherCord USA.  Two of the pieces are 1 mm diameter and the last, 1.5.  This adds a little interest visually to your necklace while adding some weight.  I’m especially smitten with the metallic pink and it’s velvety surface.

If you follow me on social media, you know I teach a lot of kids how to make jewelry.  This is a DIY Necklace project teens will love.
DIY leather necklace with druzyFirst cut your cords to the approximate necklace length and add a couple inches.

Optionally you can add a delicate piece of chain to the leather strands with a few wraps of wire and a crimp bead.  Here’s a close up look:Connecting chain to leatherThe crimp bead (size 4) flattened holds the chain up while the wire keeps the cords bundled.

Connect the pendant to the cords with a jump ring.Wire wrapped leatherSometimes finishing the ends of leather can be so tricky due to lack of parts or findings.  This is a fool-proof way to get consistent loops at the end of leather cording.  I’m using 20 g. wire to bind the ends together, remove the pen and you have a perfect loop.  Repeat and you’ve got a second perfect loop the same as the first.Magnetic clasp for DIY leather jewelryUse jump rings to attach a clasp.  This one is magnetic and great for this light-weight DIY necklace.DIY Leathercord USA Rose gold necklacePretty in pink.Rose gold druzy DIY necklace with pink leatherSophia Loren likes it (special thanks to Flow magazine for this great photo background).Druzy rose gold DIY leather necklaceFind all kinds of round leather cords for DIY leather necklaces at LeatherCord USA.