Aluminum Fabric Earrings

This post brought to you by Beadalon!Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsDay 4, Party People!

And that calls for some earrings that are ready to party!  Or go to work.  I like them for both!Aluminum Fabric EarringsOh hey gold and silver.  It’s Candie calling.  Wanna hang?


for the pun.

This girl can’t help herself!
Earring making with Beadalon findings

These earrings are super simple (it is hump day after all) to make.  I used two pieces of Beadalon Aluminum Fabric, Swarovski crystal charms,  a few inches of chain and some cool ear wires from Beadalon.Artistic Wire Aluminum Fabric From BeadalonAluminum Fabric comes in 3 different metal colors as well as sizes.  I’m using the squares.  It is super flexible and really does drape and fold like fabric.

On another note, you’ve probably noticed gold is trending right now and I think you’ll love the warm tone of the gold Aluminum Fabric.  Aluminum Fabric by BeadalonI was looking at this Aluminum Fabric and noticed the back side (on right) is just as cool as the front.  It could be extra nice embedded in resin jewelry or with tiny flat back crystals .Attaching chains with a jump ringCut a couple pieces of chain so they are offset and attach to a tiny jump ring.Aluminum MeshRemove the corner piece of Aluminum Fabric, leaving only a ring where it will hang from.
Easy Earring idea with Beadalon Aluminum Fabric and Swarovski CrystalsHang the pieces of chain and aluminum fabric onto the ear wire.  I love these ear wires because the connection point is hidden. so it gives a really nice finished look.

Also, look how many things you could hang on the loop?!  The wheels are turning…  Stack em’ up!Easy and Sparkly Earring Idea on Candie Cooper's Blog

Aluminum Fabric EarringsI’m ready to hit the dance floor! Who’s with me??