How To Knot a Strand of Pearls or Beads

This post brought to you by How to Knot Pearls and Beads with Beadalon Knotting Tool from Candie CooperConfession:  I have a hoard of old necklaces with great intentions of re-doing each and every one of them.  Tell me, I’m not alone.
Vintage Jewelry Re-done tutorialHere are two prime examples.  Stunning, heavy glass and crystal beads topped off with a tired clasp that is about to fall off because the original stringing job has done it’s time and then some.  Here is one idea for making over vintage jewelry and giving it new life!

Before I forget, I like to clean beads like this with a soft toothbrush and Dawn dish soap.  I’m always amazed at how shiny and pretty they look after a good bath.
DIY Knotting Tutorial with Vintage Jewelry from CandieCooper.comFor this makeover, I’m using Beadalon’s Knot-A-Bead tool.  In the past, I’ve tried knotting with the traditional wooden hand knotter tool.  My first attempts with hand knotting were scary and disgusting with big spaces between the knots and beads.  I put the hand knotter in a box and haven’t played with it since.  However, after gaining some confidence with this tool, I may give it a go again.

My first attempts with the Knot-A-Bead came out awesome on the other hand and now I’m a believer and am ready to knot every bead in sight!!

I’m also using a sparkly Upper Clasp from Beadalon and #10 Griffin Silk.  These beads have larger holes, so I can get away with using this heavier silk.

So, here’s how it goes…

Unwind your silk from the card and pull to remove kinks and tighten the silk.  I opted to keep the pattern on the crystal strand, removing the plastic pearls and replacing them with the salmon colored glass beads.  The gray silk made for a perfectly vintage and modern fusion which I found to be super appealing.
How to Cut Bullion WireCut two pieces of French bullion wire.  This is essentially a tiny, tiny, tiny coil of wire that protects your silk where the clasp will rub.  Make sure to get the corresponding bullion wire to your silk size.
How to Knot Pearls or Beads  Getting StartedString one bead, bullion wire, and clasp end onto the silk.  The silk has a needle pre-attached to it so stringing is extra easy!
How to knot a strand of pearls or beads from Candie CooperThread the needle end of silk back through the first bead so the bullion wire makes a loop and the clasp sits in the middle.
G-S Hypo Cement for fibers and bead knottingKnot the silk just below the orange bead and dot with G-S Hypo-cement.  Leave the tail long until you are done knotting.
Knotted Bead Tutorial  StringingNow string the rest of your beads in the desired order onto the silk.  Can I just tell you it took me THREE times to get these beads right?!  I first knotted the whole strand and realized I missed a bead.  Cut, cut, cut.  Ain’t no way those knots were budging!  Made me sick to cut it apart, but I did.  SIGH.  Restrung them.  Fail.  See my next mistake?  Three orange beads in a row!?!

Third time was a charm!

Sanity is not overrated.

Before I forget, put a tiny jump ring (which will serve as a marker) before the last bead at the end of the strand–you will not knot between these two beads.
Beadalon Knot-A-Bead Tutorial with Vintage Jewelry from Candie CooperLay the clasp end over the awl so it drops behind.
How to Use the Knot A Bead Knotting ToolCross the clasp in front of the long tail/string of beads and through the loop.
Using the Beadalon Knot A Bead Knotting Tool.jpgPull the strung end tight and push the short clasp end back over the top of the awl.
Knot A Bead Bead Knotting TutorialPlace the long tail into the yoke/hook and pull snug.
How to Knot a Strand of PearlsContinue to pull snug while sliding the lever on the left to the left.  The awl tapers down the knot and slides it up next  to the last bead perfectly.
Bead and Pearl Knotting TutorialLike this!  Now, go into Zen mode and repeat, repeat, repeat.  I actually found myself day dreaming about chocolate (which I’m trying to back off of) and enjoying the crisp air.  I’ve also watched a lot of movies while working on the Knot-A-Bead in my Lazy Girl chair.
Bebe and the Knot A BeadIf you are working on your lap (I usually do!), find a tray and put a beading mat down.  Just remember–DO NOT knot between the last two beads or you’ll be in a world of hurt trying to undo one of those knots.

P.S.  It’s very hard to explain to your dog that no, she hasn’t been replaced by the Knot-A-Bead and that you’ll pet her when you’re finished with this tutorial.  She stayed by my side through this whole tutorial.  Good girl.  Treats to come.
Bead Knotting TutorialWhen you come to final two beads, string another piece of bullion wire and the opposite end of the clasp.Jewelry Making Knotting Tutorial-How to finish the endThread the tail of wire back through the orange bead.
How to Knot a Strand of Pearls or BeadsThis cinches up the bullion wire and makes it ready to knot again between the last two beads.  Dot the knot with G-S Hypo cement and leave to dry.  Trim the ends.
Bead Knotting Tutorial from Candie CooperThe thing I love most about knotted strands is how flexible they are!  Just beautiful!  I love this combo so much!
Vintage Necklace Re-Knotted TutorialHave a stash of your grandmother’s jewelry that’s been waiting for you?  Go forth and knot your heart out!