Moonlit Owl – DIY Leather Bracelet

This post brought to you by LeatherCord USA.DIY owl bracelet with LeatherCordUSA leatherWe’ve had a break in the weather today—-perfect for you know what this weekend!  Yes!  A cozy fire in our new fire pit.Fire pitSitting around a fire in nature is so restorative for my soul (not to sound dramatic, haha).  I just love the ambience of it: the sounds, being outside, toasty hoodies…. We like to make sandwiches and treats in our pie irons for these winter picnics.  It is these simple pleasures that make life sweet.

Today’s project is brought to you by LeatherCord  I put this little DIY owl bracelet on my Instagram feed (@candiecooper if you want to see behind the scenes in real time) and had a few people ask about buying it!  I love that.  I’ve worn it a few times and gotten compliments too so I think it’s worth sharing so you can make your own.

DIY owl bracelet with LeatherCordUSA natural blue round leatherThe secret is having large holed beads that work perfectly with the 1.5 diameter natural blue round leather cord.  You can braid and weave the leather easily through beads like this to get a solid look.  These beads are from Tierra Cast and the owl from Green Girls Studio.File Feb 19, 3 11 04 PMOnce you get the beads in place, it’s time to CAREFULLY measure.  Michelle at leatherCord USA and I have a joke about measuring many times before cutting–somehow we always make things too small.  I want to show you a trick so you can get yours to fit just right.

Do as I say…not as I do. Haha.Glue and Go leather jewelry finding from LeatherCordUSA.comThese are leatherCord USA’s Glue and Go findings.  They come in all different diameters, styles, and metal colors.  The key to sizing your bracelet is remembering to account for the recessed area inside the finding.Using Glue and Go findings from LeathercordUSA.comMeasure this piece end to end and subtract it from your finished bracelet size, then add 1/2″ (1/4″ on each side) for the recessed areas and this is what length you should cut your leather pieces.

Clear as mud right?DIY owl bracelet with LeatherCordUSA leather -gluing leatherYou can always shave a little off at a time and test the fit as you go.DIY owl bracelet with LeatherCordUSA leather on Candie Cooper's blogWhen you’re positive you have the right length, use the Loctite Adhesive to glue the ends in.DIY Jewelry making Leather Owl braceletThe natural leather finishes are some of my very favorites.  With the earthy fashions this spring, these leather cords for jewelry making are going to be hot!  You’ll find them on this page at the bottom of the color chart–look for natural before the color name.

Get fine leather and the special Glue and Go findings from