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Craftsy Jewelry Classes SaleAll the jewelry making classes are on sale at Craftsy including mine, Beading with Wire, Chain, and Leather!

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DIY Recycled Silk Necklace

Candie Cooper DIY Recycled Silk NecklaceHere’s a necklace for my kindred fiber lovers.  I made it for my Craftsy class, Beading with Wire, Chain and Leather.  No matter what the trends are, ribbon is a great way to add a dramatic look to your jewelry.  Admittedly, sometimes I have to say to myself, “Oh Candice, don’t be so dramatic” (unless I’m using ribbon in a design, then all bets are off).  I have a small stash of this ribbon.  Well, I have a stash of lots of craft supplies, but I’m especially proud of this hoard.

Candie Cooper DIY Recycled Silk Necklace 2It is especially fabulous because it’s made from saris.  I bought 6 skeins when I was at Bead and Button this year.  You can buy it online or sometimes at knitting shops and bead shows.  I’m an enabler.Candie Cooper DIY Recycled Silk Necklace 4Isn’t it pretty?  A big rainbow wave.  A color festival all day long.  I used bead caps from Vintaj to wrangle the ribbon ends.

Side note:  My dog, Rocky is on my lap snoring and my husband is on the couch snoring as I write.  Hello exciting Friday night.  Actually, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are recouping from the holiday.  I love my family.

Candie Cooper DIY Recycled Silk Necklace 3

The last little detail I wanted to show you is this crystal and wire wrapped key.  I’m obsessed with wrapping wire and crystals around skeleton keys.  It can be a key to your heart, a key to life, a key to whatever you need at that moment.  The crystals make rainbows in the light and I love those winks from the Universe so much.

Let the light in-