Old Fashioned Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Old fashioned Blueberry Muffin RecipeThis is a summertime favorite around our house.  It’s my grandma’s blueberry muffin recipe.  I call it old fashion because it’s made from scratch and uses shortening.  Does that qualify it as old fashion?  I don’t know, but I love the ring of it.  The fresh veggies and fruits are flowing here in Indiana.  A dinner of corn on the cob and these muffins is a perfectly acceptable dinner in the summer.

I’ll post a few pictures and the full recipe at the end if you want to try it.  A fair warning though–these muffins are not super sweet.  If you love super sweet, turn and go the other way.  These remind me of more of a muffin scone hybrid if that makes sense.Blueberry Muffin RecipeThis is the recipe that I copied on gram’s note paper that I can’t get rid of.  I break it out every summer.  Just love it.Blueberry Muffin Recipe Mixing up the Flour SugarYes, I measured all the flour out with 1/3 measuring cup because I was too lazy to wash my 1 cup.Blueberry Muffin Recipe adding the liquidsAfter making many box muffin mixes, it’s strange to use Crisco in as-is form.  I always think, shouldn’t I melt it?  This is the only recipe I have that uses shortening.  Oh wait.  Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe uses it too.  Now’s about the time to find some muscle to stir up the batter.Mixing Up Blueberry Muffin recipeLike this.Mixing up blueberry muffins recipeAnd this.Mixing up blueberry muffins recipe with hubsHe did ask a couple times why we weren’t using the Kitchenaid mixer and to tell you the truth, I don’t know either.  I didn’t tell him that though.  I simply replied, “because it’s more fun to watch you stir.”Adding blueberries to mixMy hubs is a bowl in a china shop so I sent him on his way, thanking him over and over and proceeded with gently folding in the berries.Filling blueberry muffin cupsUse an ice cream scoop to drop the dough in the cups.  I fill my 3/4 full except I missed one at the top.  Also, sprinkle the tops with sugar if you like.Muffin cup fillingNough’ said.  Lesson learned (again).  The bonus here is that if you’re making these for a party, you have to eat this one.  Right now.  It’s simply not fit to be out on the table. (wink)Blueberry Muffins RecipeThat’s all there is too it.Land o lakes butter on blueberry muffinWhile they are still piping hot, drop a pat of Land O’ Lakes butter on top.  Oh. Heaven.  Now stand around the counter with your hubs and eat three each.  Ok, it might’ve been four.

Here’s that recipe!

Old Fashioned Blueberry Muffin Recipe:

Makes 24

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Sift together:

3 C. flour

1 C. sugar

4 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt


1/2 C. shortening

2 eggs

1 C. milk

Note: this batter is thick!  I sometimes add a splash of milk to it to thin it out just a tiny bit.

Blend in:

2 C. blueberries

Fill the muffin cups 3/4 full and sprinkle the tops with sugar.

BAKE: 20 to 25 minutes