Eden: Gemstone Necklace with Round Braided Leather

This post brought to you by LeatherCordUSA.comDIY multi-strand gemstone necklace with LeatherCordUSA.com thick braided leather elementIt’s raining here today.  This doesn’t bother me in the slightest when I have the joy of staying inside and making jewelry.

Yesterday was gorgeous.  Today it’s overcast and drizzly.  Yin and Yang.

So with this gray day, I’m presenting a piece that is lush in gems and texture.Round braided leather comes in a ton of finishes and sizes from LeatherCordUSA.comIt started with a pile of this unique round braided bolo leather from LeatherCordUSA.com.  I can’t tell you how much I’m intrigued with this stuff.  It comes in different finishes and diameters.  Really really amazing quality.Round braided leather from LeatherCordUSA.comI opted for the natural finish for this piece.  It’s thick and perfect to support the weight of the gem section in the front.  Speaking of gems…DIY multi-strand gemstone necklace with LeatherCordUSA.com unique braided leather element--Beadalon 15 strand beading wireI’ve had these hanks of gemstones hanging in my studio for two years.  They were inexpensive so I bought a lot.  The time had come to use them and as is because the odd bead shapes together made my eyes happy. The only thing was I felt it needed a tiny bit of contrast yet something to unify the group so I added tiny copper colored rondelles to each strand.Beading tip from CandieCooper.comI used Beadalon gold 15 strand beading wire so it blended with the stone colors, then crimped them to a wrapped wire loop with #1 crimp beads.DIY multi-strand gemstone necklace with LeatherCordUSA.com unique braided leather element, good for layeringThen I strung the large bead cone onto the wire with a few beads and finished with a wrapped loop.  Nice and tidy.DIY Jewelry Making Gemstone necklace with LeatherCordUSA.com leather elementNothing but colorful goodness.DIY Jewelry Making--use a toggle clasp ring for a connection.Once you have the gemstone section secured, cut the leather to the desired size and glue end caps to the Glue and Go findings.  I removed the clasp that came with the end findings and connected it to toggle rings which were then connected to the bead cones to create a decorative element.Eden necklace with gemstones and LeatheCordUSA round braid tutorial from Candie CooperDIY multi-strand gemstone necklace with LeatherCordUSA.com unique braided leatherDIY multi-strand gemstone necklace with LeatherCordUSA.com thick braided leather elementMy plan is to wear this as a layering necklace.  I will create some shorter chain and pendant pieces to go with it.

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DIY Leather Bracelet

DIY Leather Jewelry Doodled on leather cuff bracelet for an easy braceletYesterday, I spent eight hours at the hospital waiting for a procedure to be done on one of my family members.Waiting roomHospital waiting rooms.  Quite possibly one of the most nerve-racking places for me on the planet.  As a highly sensitive person, I try really hard not to soak up what’s going on around me (or else I might not get out of bed.  Ever.).  Yesterday’s group wasn’t too bad.  But, my mom said, bring something for us to work on…so I did.

Leather cuffs from LeathercordUSA.com to doodle on.  It was the perfect waiting room craft.Zentangle Leather Cuff with Sakura pens and leathercordusa.com cuff from Candie CooperWe used Sakura markers–Pen-Touch in gold, black and white.  We like the extra fine and fine tip ones.DIY Jewelry Quick Zentangle LeatherCordUSA.com and Sakura Pen-Touch pen CuffThis is my moms that I doodled on top of with the black.

I made the black and gold one (took me about five minutes).

The end verdict was, we want to make more for ourselves and think this would be a great teen craft.  I even whipped up a slide show while I was in that waiting room–let me know if you like it!

DIY Leather Cuff with gold paint penOn an end note, the doc was really happy with the procedure so we are feeling blessed.  I hope you like this tutorial!