Forming Leather Part II

This post brought to you by Leather Cord USA.Tips for forming leather and making leather jewelry with Leather Cord USA and @candiecooperDid you happen to catch the last Leather Cord USA post?  It was all about forming and altering flowers with water and scissors.  In this installment, I’ll show you a few more fun ideas that play with these cute little leather flowers  to make more embellishments.
Leather jewelry making Punching holes in leatherBust out those hole punches!  You can leave the flowers flat or form them first with water as seen in the last post.  Most of these are hole punches that you can use for paper except for the one on the far left.  That one is made for leather tooling and I got it at Harbor Freight.  It’s great because it can make multiple hole sizes.
Making leather Jewelry with Leather Cord USA flowersSO easy!  I like to have multiple size hole punch tools to add variety and interest to the individual flowers.
leather hole punchThis tool is especially great when tube riveting because you can make the hole the exact same size as the rivet.
Ideas for altering leather cord usa flowers- pinking shearsAnother idea is trimming the edge with pinking shears.  This changes the hole look of the flower in seconds.  These would be so sweet to use in millinery crafting.
Leather jewelry-stick pins with Leather Cord USA flowersOK, time to put it all together.  These are special stick pins with a glue pad. You can string your stack of flower pieces and what not onto the pin.
Making Jewelry  leather flower pinsJust like this!  I love mixing in other elements like metal flowers and beads.
Leather flower pin with Leather Cord USA flowersBe sure to use a multi-purpose epoxy to glue the elements onto the pad part of the pin.
Leather Jewelry Making on Candie Cooper's blog with Leather Cord USA flowersWouldn’t be a blog post without a jean jacket appearance!Jewelry Making painted flowers from Leather Cord USADo you remember that post on painted tassels?  I applied the same paint with a stiff brush in white on a flower to add a little texture.  Glued all the pieces up at the top and voila….
DIY Leather flower pins with Leather Cord USA flowersA sweet stick pin!  The thing I love the most about these flowers is each piece is 24 cents, so you can build these little pins for less than a dollar in most cases!!
Leather Pins  on Candie Cooper's blogCheck out all the flower options at Leather Cord USA!

How to Form Leather Flowers

This post brought to you by LeatherCord USA.Making Leather Embellishments with LeatherCord USA flowersApril showers bring May leather flowers.  This is part I of a two part post all about working with leather flowers to make jewelry and embellishments.  Get excited because these things are like super yummy calorie free candy!  Who can make the sunshine, already!?!Leather Cord USA leather flowersThese are just some of the flower colors available.  I love all the fun shapes and the sizes make them perfect for stacking!How to shape and form leather flowersTo be honest, I’ve never been able to leave well…well enough alone.  So welcome to my brain where I think, “how can I wreck alter these flowers today?”  First up:  FORMING.

Soak the flowers in a bowl of water for a couple minutes.Forming leatherThen you can push them into shaped containers while they dry so they hold their shape or….How to form leather flowers with watersquish, pinch, fold and twist them with your fingers.  SO many options!DIY JEWELRY MAKING Forming leather flowersOne idea will lead to another and another….  Did I mention this is a two part post?Fringed leather flowersSecond way to wreck form the flowers is to cut and fringe said flowers.  You can re-wet the flowers at any point to form them more.Making leather embellishmentsOne of my most favorite findings are tie-tack findings with a glue on pad.  I’ll warn you now that if you plan on selling these, you’ll hear over and OVER that they will leave a hole in your shirt.  My response:  thank you for the day you were born (but I’m still doing it my way).  For this piece, I cut the back off of a button and glued it to the tie tack.Making leather jewelryThen you can start stacking the leather pieces behind it.Embellishing a linen purse with Leather Cord USA flowersYes, I know it’s going to make a hole in that purse.  Thanks for letting me know (and the day you were born).Leather craft embellishmentsSweet right?  I think these would make the cutest bridesmaid clutches.  I got this linen clutch at the craft store P.S.  You could also stencil it first with an accent color and then embellish with the leather flowers.DIY Jewelry Making  Forming leatherLeather embellishment how toIt’s my birthday this week.  I think I just made myself a present. 😉

See all the leather flowers at LeatherCord USA here.