DIY Layering Locket Necklace

Candie Cooper Fox Locket 2There’s something magical about a locket.  Maybe because you just never know what’s inside.  I have a small stash of these sweet little printed lockets.  Ok, let’s face it–what don’t I have a small stash of in terms of jewelry making supplies?!  They’re perfect for quick necklaces like this one.

Candie Cooper Fox Locket MaterialsThis locket dangles from sparkly Jesse James Beads chain.  Split Ring on Chain ReactionTo get started, remove the split ring from the ends of chain.Connect the beaded linksConnect the ends together with a jump ring.Connect the locket with a jump ringConnect the first jump ring to the locket with a second jump ring. Close the jump ringClose up the ring.  Almost finished!Break Chain sectionsHold the necklace up around your neck to determine the length.  Trim away excess and link the ends together with a jump ring.

Instant craftification, at your service.Bike Locket from Candie CooperHere’s a bike version I made with an added tassel charm.  Just when you thought a bike locket couldn’t be more sweet, the tassel sends it over the edge of cuteness.

It’s so crisp and cool out today.  I’m loving this Fall weather!  We’ve been without internet and television for almost a week now. Yes, hubs has practically broken out in hives.  Me, I’m embracing Pandora radio and hand stitching.  Now, I’m here at my grandparent’s house using their WIFI.  Gram just made a lunch of the most ooziest grilled cheese sandwich and a side salad.  Delightful.  Now I’m back on the front porch writing with the glow of the lamp nearby and listening to her washing dishes.  Someone is outside mowing.  I could take a nap it’s so peaceful.  But, instead I’m going to post one more tutorial and call it a day!  Our high school homecoming is tonight and my sis is coming down.  I can’t wait to see her.