The Great Camp Out…


My new tent is so sweet.  It's a snap to set up too.  Not at all like the ol' green canvas tent (or was it blue?) we used to take to Florida on Spring Break when I was a kid.  That thing had a million alluminum poles and a few leaks if I remember right.  Remember, Nis?  I'll never forget the time we found a snake sunning itself in it.  Oh, the great outdoors.  Cost nothing and always interesting.

It rained and rained from about 4 am onward and the tent never leaked a drop.  Probably because my hunkie boyfriend told me to spray it down with water repellent before hand.  Snap!  He's the brains. Sunday morning after breakfast we walked around McClure's Orchard.  I love the shape of the trees.  It makes me think of that wild scene in the Wizard of Oz each time I really look at one.  You know the scene right, where the tree starts throwing apples at Dorothy?  

There is always something to see and ponder at the orchard—like baby lettuce sprouts,

or a crazy tall stack of apple crates still vacationing after Fall,


and Clara the cat who is indeed a boy cat as a matter of fact.  It happens.

Bee 2

My favorite thing—colorful bee hives with a few bees buzzing around waiting for blossoms. I guess, we're all just waiting and watching this crazy Spring we've been having.  

Bee boxes

This row of hives makes me think of a bee apartment complex of sorts which then reminds me of China and all it's cracker box apartments.  Someday, I want a couple hives of my own (do I make it sound like children?).  I'm lucky I have some friends who let me enjoy theirs until that day comes (the answer to the last question would be…yes).

More plotting and planning for Spring in the background.  The Apple Blossom Fest is coming up on April 28th and this year there is even a 5K run.  We are going!  I will not be running!  It's always a good time at McClure's orchard.  Apple dumplings, nature and friends around a campfire makes it extra lovely.  The orchard is open on the weekends if you are looking for a fun family outing…or just want a really, really good apple dumpling!