DIY Painted Leather Cuffs That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

How to paint and embellish leather cuff bracelets LeatherCordUSA.comThis post brought to you by Cooper demoing in the LeatherCordUSA booth at the To Bead True BlueAll last week, I worked in the leathercord USA booth showing mixed media techniques to use with leather at the To Bead True Blue Show in Tucson.  Holy cow.  I painted cuff after cuff and after each one, I fell a little more in love with the process.  These are some of my new friends I made as well as Michelle and Que that work at LCUSA.  It is lovely visitors like these that make my job fun.  If I didn’t say it at the time–thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and watching, asking questions and chatting.  YOU are my favorite part of these gigs.Leathercord USA booth at the To Bead True Blue showWe were hoppin’ at the LCUSA booth and people were really digging the new metallic gold and silver gecko printed and stitched leather (it really is magical looking–you get lost looking at it).  The tassels were also hot sellers!Leathercord USA at To Bead True Blue show in TucsonIf you do art shows or craft festivals, you know that displaying work can be a challenge.  I overheard compliments on the frames of leather over and over in the booth.  It really is a great idea.

Now onto some techniques!

If you love artsy jewelry and building up layer after layer (or making artsy messes in my world), I think you’ll find this post right up your ally because I’m going to show you some new ideas on how to paint and embellish leather.LeatherCord USA tassels

Do you remember that post that was all about painting leather tassels?  That’s one of the first leather surfaces I tried adding Ranger Patina paints on.  These are a few tassels I splashed some metallic paints on with a stiff bristle brush.

Here’s a peek at my demo area in the leathercord USA booth–there’s a little bit of everything, no doubt!
Candie Cooper in the LeatherCordUSA boothRemarkably CLEAN and tidy by my standards though.  I don’t trust an artist with a clean work surface 😉  Haha.
How to paint and distress leatherThis is a detail of one of the cuffs.  Believe it or not–these take about 10 minutes to create, start to finish.  Tracy at Tierra Cast put the rivets on for me (thanks Tracy).  I love these simple little details that add so much!

leathercord USA makes the cuffs in all different sizes and finishes.  You can see them here.
Painted leather cuffs by Candie Cooper with LeatherCordUSA cuffsQue at leathercord USA filmed me painting one.  This is me talking in the video.  If you like it or have questions, let me know in the comments.

Have fun! (useful supply list at end)

LeatherCord USA cuffs (wholesale order on site or has them)

Stencil1 Stencils

Sakura PenTouch gold pens

Ranger Patina paints

Stayz On Ink pad

Leather hole punch

Tierra Cast rivetables