Mod Podge Sparkle Earrings

Candie Cooper Mod Podge Sparkle Earrings in BlueBeing snowed in for two days makes you eat like a teenager.  Chocolate.  Of course! Graham crackers with vanilla bean cheesecake spread.  Why not?  Diet Coke.  Indeed!  I’ll take two.  I don’t know why my face is breaking out.

Here’s a quick earring idea I wanted to share with you.  Winter can be dreary at times.  Beat it with a snappy project that has sparkle.  Don’t fall in love with the blue components though–sadly, they have been discontinued.  However, you can find lots of surfaces to use this technique on.

Candie Cooper Mod Podged Sparkle Earrings in Blue 2Simply put a dot of Mod Podge onto the surface and drop a 4mm Swarovski flat back crystal on top and wait for it to dry.  It’s the first project I make in the video below.

Also, if you like the look of these earrings, I think you would really enjoy Tarina Tarantino’s new book, Sparkle Factory (Running Press).  It’s a super inspiring book for jewelry makers because she shares her story from making jewelry as a child up to building her business to what it is today.Candie Cooper The Sparkle Factory book1Look at the cover!  This book is so FUN!!Candie Cooper The Sparkle Factory Book 3It’s jam packed with ideas too including workspace organization, working with clay, adding crystals to almost anything, adhesives, mold making, necklaces, earrings, statement pieces, hair accessories, I could go on…  271 pages full!!Candie Cooper The Sparkle Factory Book 2She did a great job with the how to photos too.  Very detailed.Candie Cooper The Sparkle Factory Book 4Lots of intriguing and stylish photos.  I love this book.  The Sparkle Factory gets two thumbs up from me!

Have a good one!