How To Make A Statement Bracelet

Jewelry Making How to Make Statement Bracelets with Sparkly Cup Chain

This post brought to you by Beadalon.Are you looking for a fast, instant craftification project?  Are you making your own wedding jewelry or bridesmaid gifts?  Do you have the winter blues and need a sparkle fix?

Beadalon Slide Connector Clasps
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Beadalon Slide Connector Clasp
Beadalon Slide Connector Clasps
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Jewelry Making Slide Connector Clasp for Cup Chain
Beadalon Slide Connector Clasps for Statement Bracelet

Then, boy, do I have a project for you!  I’m going to show you how to make an amazing statement bracelet piece in minutes.For this project, you will need a Beadalon slide connector clasp and crystal cup chain.  You can also add in Beadalon double ball chain for a new texture (I’ll show you an example in a minute).Most of the bracelets I did are in gold.  I had a lot of gold metal cup chain and also gold is hot right now in fashion jewelry.The inside diameter of the clasp is 4.5mm so make sure your cup chain crystals are smaller than that.The slide connectors come in 3 lengths:  13mm, 20mm, and 25mm (basically 1/2″ to 1″).Determine the length of bracelet you want and cut the chain accordingly.  I figured the clasp to take up 1″ so to make a 7″ bracelet, I cut the chain to 6″ sections.  The nice thing about the slide connectors is the chain extender feature so if you need it to be longer, you’re covered.You’re going to freak when you see how fast these go together!  Slide the first crystal into the tube.  Repeat with the remaining chains.Once the tube is loaded with chain, fold the tab over with pliers or use your finger (like I do). Push the end down on a hard surface to get it really closed.

DIY Jewelry Making  Sparkle Clasp from Beadalon
DIY Wedding Jewelry Idea Statement Bracelets
DIY Jewelry Making  Cup Chain Bracelets
Beadalon Chain and Clasps
Cup Chain Bracelets

Repeat for the opposite side of the bracelet.If you want to bump up the clasp a bit, check out Beadalon’s sparkly lobster clasp.And that’s honestly all there is to it!  This is the pile of bracelets I made last night.Cup chain is so fancy. Here’s a closer look at the double ball chain from Beadalon.  Full story–this is only available in silver now.  Don’t fall in love with the gold.  Ok?  Thank you and I’m really sorry I used it before seeing that.  Let me know if I need to start a petition for Beadalon to bring it back.  “Save the Gold Double Ball Chain” we’ll call it.

Jewelry Making Statement Bracelets

Check out Beadalon’s video for more ways to use the clasp!

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