Easter Egg Craft Idea…


This week at Crafty Book Club we decorated paper mache' eggs and we had FUN!!!

(like we always do)


Inspiring craft books centered around Spring, eggs and flowers!  I love our library for letting us have this crafty club.

Gather up your Folk Art paints, Extreme Glitter, flowers and leaves, scraps of ribbon and chenille chickadees.  This is a great craft to use up odds and ends in your stash.  Old clip-on earrings, felt scraps cut into leaves, birds and buttons are all great embellishments!  If you got it, use it!


I also put out a display of retro eggs that my mom made years ago.  The pink bunnies are so sweet.  And who doesn't love vintage images Mod Podged  on simply colored eggs.  All through the night we shared easter egg stories.  Tales of "Leg" hosiery eggs filled with money and broken eggs emerged…


Two of my favorite teen crafters tried out the Hot Glue Gun Helper mat and tools.  They loved it!  Have you seen this tool?  It's awesome!  Compatible with so many types of glues and crafting.  Check out the video about it here!


So many button choices….so little egg surface.  Stencil spouncers are great for making polka dots on the eggs.


So pretty!  The one on the right has metallic Folk Art paint with blue and purple Extreme Glitter brushed over it.  Now that's an egg that knows how to party!


Blue chick and felt flowers are from Hobby Lobby in the Easter crafting aisle.

Complimentary colors of lavender and yellow–works every time!


Decisions, decisions.


The row of crystals on the butterfly was brilliant!


My Mom taking the Hot Glue Gun Helper on a test drive while working on her egg.  She loved it!


She painted the polka dots on her egg to match the ribbon!  So cute!

Aqua and brown are never wrong!


It took approximately an hour and a half to make this project.  There were lots of hair dryers and hot glue guns plugged in around the room and that helps to speed things up.

My Mom's egg with a pair of sweet pink chicks.

Blush pink egg with rose colored Extreme Glitter for a romantic egg.

This one matched her pastel yellow purse perfectly.  So cheerful and happy!