Katie Hacker and Artistic Wire Braid and Flat Wire

This post brought to you by the Beadalon crew!Beadalon Tent Sale Post PartyWelcome to day 3 of the party where we visit with Miss Kaaaatie Hacker!Good ol' Katie Hacker at the Beadalon tent saleIf you’ve been in the DIY jewelry world for any length of time, I’m positive you know Katie. She’s a good egg and one of my favorite people.  She also hosts the popular television show, Beads, Baubles, and Jewels on PBS.  Katie is the author of many jewelry making books and has been on the Beadalon design team for years.  Needless to say, she is a pillar in the DIY jewelry making community and I’m honored to call her a friend.Beadalon Braid wire adds texture to jewelryFor the tent sale, Katie was showing off Artistic Wire in braid (above) and flat versions (below).Wire wrapping Bracelets with flat Artistic WireBoth wires come in multiple metal finishes.  The wire is super sturdy so it holds and shapes beautifully.  I especially love hammering it.  Didn’t I mention yesterday on the blog that I wanted to hammer some metal links?  It might be my next favorite technique next to fringe….if fringe were a technique that is.Beadalon flat Artistic Wire in silverThe wire wraps easily and you can use regular round nose pliers to make loops at the end of it.  But! Have you seen Beadalon’s large bail making pliers?  They have a consistent cylinder tip vs conical.  Handy.Jewelry making Wire wrapping with Artistic Wire from BeadalonWhen you have your piece formed, you can wrap it with more wire and the like.  This will make it even more sturdy and add a little texture to the smooth surface.

I love texture.Jewlery Making Wire wrapped bracelets by Katie Hacker for Beadalon with Artistic WireKatie Hacker's necklace with Beadalon flat Artistic Wire and BraidThis is the class that Katie taught at the tent sale. Katie Hacker Earrings with Beadalon findingsShe is masterful at designing projects that look like it took hours to make, but you could make in an evening.  I love that kind of instant gratification.Beadalon flat and braid Artistic wire - Design by Katie HackerDid I mention all the classes were $25 at the tent sale?!?  And it included all the supplies and then some!Candie and KatieKatie and I flew out to Pensylvania together and first stop…Michaels Craft store for some last minute supplies (and a few treats for ourselves).

Enter the giveaway below for some surprise Beadalon swag!  I’m picking 4 winners this time.  Best of luck!
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Stringing Magazine plus a GIVEAWAY

Jewelry Making Candie Cooper featured in Fall Stringing MagazineIt’s an honor to be featured on and in the Fall issue of Stringing Magazine!It’s been many years since I submitted designs to Stringing and I was so touched to have four designs in this issue (including the one on the cover!).  Big humble THANK YOU, Interweave/F&W Media.Stringing magazine tassel necklace how to from Candie CooperThis is a slightly different version that I’m wearing versus the one on the cover which is one of the reasons I love this design so much—You can adapt it however you like.

Speaking of design, this is definitely one from my heart.  You guys know my love for fringe…and leather…and a touch of sparkle.  I was diddling (is that really a word?) around one morning, working on classes for Jesse James Beads for Bead Fest April and I thought, I’m making myself a necklace. There is always a small (ok, really huge) collection of Jesse James Beads laying around and I have a few strands that I hoard because I LOVE them.  These teal and brown Inspiration strands were part of that hoard.  The wood beads were some I found in Tucson and Sarah from Jesse James Beads really loved them too, so they were added to the JJB site.  For me, designing jewelry is all about mixing and matching surfaces with color. This piece went together really fast.  I was in the flow for sure and that’s how I knew it was a good one (if I do say so myself…and I am)!Jewelry Stringing Magazine Candie Cooper's cover necklaceCandie Cooper featured artist in Stringing Fall issueRemember those beading videos I did with Interweave?  There is also a little feature article about those in this issue.  PLUS!  A bonus project from the Leather Cuffs video.Jewelry Making Candie Cooper and JesseJamesBeads.com projects in Stringing Fall 15 magazineMost of the projects in this issue feature beads from JesseJamesBeads.com so guess what!?!Cherries and Chocolate Giveaway kit from Candie Cooper, JesseJamesBeads.com and Stringing Magazine!You can win a kit of one of my projects in Stringing thanks to JesseJamesBeads.com!  PLUS!  Stringing magazine is throwing in a copy of this issue!cherries and chocolate kitHere’s a close up of what you’ll win.  It’s the Cherries and Chocolate kit featuring one of JesseJamesBeads.com’s soutache necklace!  Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

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ACTIVA Products sampler Giveaway!

This post brought to you by ACTIVA Products!ACTIVA Newsletter headerDid I ever tell you I was an art education major at Purdue?  I was.  From time to time, I post projects that reflect that part of my history and love:  teaching kids to make things with their hands!  That’s how I got to know ACTIVA Products.  They make all sorts of amazing air dry clays and super colorful sand.  These days, I design projects for them like this Message in a Bottle.Message in a bottle party invitation idea from Candie CooperHere’s a link to the project in case you want to make a couple. Pottery in Mexico Lesson PlanAnd then this is the kinda thing I design for ACTIVA and teach at my art camps that I teach in the summer here in town at the Honeywell Center.  The kids love making pottery pieces.  No, they can’t eat out of them, but they can put other goodies inside.  For this project, we learned about terra cotta clay and looked at pottery from Mexico for inspiration.  The best thing about Hearty clay is that the clay sticks to itself really well and doesn’t fall apart once the clay is dry.  Nothing is more discouraging to a kid then when they put a lot of time and effort into something and it crumbles.  Want to make your own bowl?  Here’s a link to the tutorial.

Now for something extra fun!
ACTIVA sampler giveawayThat’s right!  We are giving away an ACTIVA sampler pack!  Sand, CelluClay, Rigid Wrap and Hearty Clay.  You get a little bit of everything so you can get crafty this fall!  Experiment and play until your heart is content, on us! Not into clay?  Give it to your local art teacher–you’ll be their new BFF!

Fingers crossed for you!  Click and follow below.

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Bead Crochet GIVEAWAY!

Candie Cooper bead crochet kit giveawayYou know what I’m excited about?!

MY NEW VIDEOS WITH INTERWEAVE!!!  I did four of them, but the one that I’m celebrating today is “Bead Crochet!”  This is one of my most very favorite techniques that I just happened upon doodling around one day in the studio (and Universe, it would be great if these moments could come a little more often).EP12670In this video I show you how to make a necklace and earrings with super stretchy beading elastic, Elasticity.Bead Crochet Giveaway KitJewelry Making DIY Bead CrochetThe cool thing about it is the necklace can convert easily into a bracelet like this.  I’ve taught this class multiple times at Bead Fest and each time it sells out.  Now you can enjoy it in your lazy-girl chair and pjs right at home. Giveaway from Clover Needlecrafts, JesseJamesBeads.com, Candie Cooper & Interweave

To celebrate this video release, my friends at Clover Needlecrafts, JesseJamesBeads.com, and Interweave are kicking in everything you need to create your own bead crochet necklace.  Thanks guys!  See below for how to enter and lots of luck to you!

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CONGRATS TO KAREN G-R!!  Happy crocheting!!

$100 Jesse James Bead Stash Giveaway!

This post brought to you by Jesse James Beads–purveyors of the most unique beads ever!

Bungee Cord Necklace5Yesterday, I guest posted on the Jesse James Beads blog with this bungee cord necklace tutorial.  Check out the full tutorial here.   My challenge was to make a piece using bungee cord and their fun beads.  This was my design solution.  I wanted to make something that teens and adults would have fun making.  What do you think?  If you make it, know that the cord and beads come in a million colors.  The hardest part is choosing a combo.  Isn’t life tough?

Jesse James Beads Elite StrandsJesse James Beads is celebrating the launch of their Elite Collection at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts stores!  The Elite Collection has beads that are uniquely designed for maximum design beauty.  Each strand is different, full of luxurious texture and sparkle!

Elite Bead Strands from JoAnn Fabrics and CraftsI absolutely adore the seed bead net over the big bead on the second strand.  You know…in case you were wondering!  JJB bead strands are like Yankee Candles kind of.  Women absolutely cannot help but pick each one up, talk about them, smell them (ok they don’t smell the beads, but you know what I mean), and admire how each one is different and special.  I work at the trade shows with JJB where there are hundreds and hundreds of strands and that’s what we do.  We connect through the love of the beads.

Jesse James Beads Giveaway with on Candie Cooper's BlogNow because I love you and to celebrate the release of the Elite Collection bead strands at JoAnn Fabrics, Jesse James Beads gave me 20 strands of fabulous beads to giveaway!  The above strands can be yours.  All yours!  You can make 20 bungee cord necklaces!  Or just sit them on your table and smile because they are yours.  All yours!

Candie's Bead Stash GiveawayThis is a $100 value of beads!  I’m excited for you!  Best of luck!

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