Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop: DIY Flower Brooch


Sizzix has always made me so happy.  Fifteen years years ago, I was a student aid using the Ellison machine to cut letters for the bulletin board.  Eight years later I got the original Sizzix machine—the red one with the handle that went up and down.  And just this year I got the Big Shot!  Rolling in style, right here!


Many thanks to sweet Eileen Hull who asked if I wanted to do the Fresh Blog hop.  I was thrilled!  For my Fall Poppy brooch, I used the Sizzix #9 Flower die.  This die punches three different flower shapes that you can stack or use alone.  It's pretty much a party when you cut your fabric.


If you want to make your own Fall Poppy brooch, you will need:  fabric, buttons, Katiedids, Mod Podge, bicone Swarovski crystals 4mm, and of course the #9 Flower die.


Cut four different fabrics into flowers–I ran the die through twice per pattern for a total of eight passes (24 flowers) and yes I had a few extras (yay!).  Coat each flower front and back with Mod Podge.  Lay them on plastic to dry.  This basically gives you oil cloth flowers.  Are you excited?  You can make your own oil cloth with Mod Podge!!  I'm excited!!!

Stack your flowers small on top to large on the bottom.  Did you notice I was sneaky on the bottom two pattern layers?  I clustered the flowers around versus putting them directly behind to make the poppy bigger.  Once you have them situated, glue or stitch together.


Lastly, string a row of crystals on nylon and attach to the outer ring of the Katiedid component.  String a second row of copper beads and tie around the outside of the Katiedid.  For times sake, I glued the pieces onto the flower and inside the component.  I also added a few pieces of chain that are tucked in between the flower petals.  I hope you like this and make some for head bands, purses and cake toppers!

For a chance to win your own die, go to Oh My Crafts! 

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