How to Make Easy Ear Wires

This post brought to you by Beadalon!Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsAnd here we are on Day two of Spring Beadalon Break!

Let me cut to the chase:

My name is Candie Cooper….Candie Cooper, jewelry artist and authorand I am absolutely obsessed with fringe (and jean jackets, but that’s a story for another day).

Have been for awhile, but lately with the fashions it’s gotten extra bad.

So, in this post I’m going to get you to come on over to the dark side and show you how to make fringed metal earrings with Beadalon Artistic Wire as well as how to make easy ear wires with their new Artistic Wire Findings Forms.

Shake it if you got it!

Let’s go!Metal Fringed Earrings from Candie Cooper with Beadalon productsThese earrings go together so fast and you can make the metal fringe as loooong as you like because we are actually using a coil of flat Artistic Wire.How to Make Ear Wires with Beadalon productsMaterials list from Left to Right:  Beadalon Quick Links in gold and silver colors (25mm and 20mm diameter),  20g. silver plated Artistic Wire, Artistic Wire Ear Wire jig, Flat Artistic wire in gold and silver, steel bench block, file, chasing hammer, riveting hammer, Ergo jewelry making plier set, sand paper and a few beads and head pins.Artistic Wire earringsLet’s jump into making the fringe.  Make a loop at the end of the flat wire with round nose pliers.  Trim to the desired length. Flat Artistic Wire You’ll need five pieces per earring so you can decide what colors and lengths you like.  The wire cuts easily with regular wire cutters.Making metal jewelry with Beadalon's Artistic WireFile the corners on the bottom for obvious reasons.Texturing metal with a chasing hammerHammer time!  Hammer the wire pieces on a steel block with the chasing hammer to create dimples on the surface of the metal.  I like to hit the ends extra so it flares them a bit.DIY Metalworking with Beadalon's Artistic WireThis is traditionally used as a riveting hammer.  They make special hammers shaped like this for texturing too if you really get into this.

Now I want to show you how to make easy ear wires!How to Make Consistent Ear Wires with an Artistic Wire jig from BeadalonThis handy dandy Findings Forms jig from Beadalon makes DIY ear wires a breeze.  This one is especially cool because it makes long legged ear wires so you can change the ear wire to suit your design.  For this project, I just need some good ol’ fashioned French ear wires with a slightly larger loop than traditional ear wires have.DIY Jewelry Making How to make ear wiresOnce you’ve wrapped the 20g. wire around, trim the back and pull the ear wire from the jig.DIY Jewelry Making  Making Ear Wires with an Artistic Wire jigLike I mentioned earlier, because of this long leg, you could also add a bead or do an easy wrapped loop closure.  Trim the front…How to make ear wires with 20g. wireand roll it back to create a large loop.  To add some extra strength to the ear wire, hammer the top arched part on a steel block to harden the wire.Making Earrings with Metal Fringe and Quik Links from BeadalonNext open up all the fringe pieces and connect them to the large Quick Link.Making Coachella Inspired Fringed EarringsI created a little Czech bead dangle to hang with my layered hoops.  A little color never hurt anybody!

How to make earrings from Candie Cooper with Beadalon Artistic WireDone and done!

Candie Cooper JewelryTwo metal color jewelry makes me HAPPY!

DIY Coachella Inspired Earrings from Candie Cooper

CandieCooper.comNow go on with your bad self!

I’ll see you tomorrow with another tutorial!