DIY Bungee Cord Jewelry

DIY Bungee Cord Jewelry

Quick to make, I love these sparkly, playful statement bracelets.  Layer em’ up!  DIY Jewelry Making  Bungee Cord Bracelets

How to Make a Bungee Cord BraceletHere’s how to make them:

String your beads on a 20 g. wire and get a measurement.  Add an approximate 3/4″ to this measurement to account for the wrapped loops on either end plus the loops hanging over on the end findings.

Subtract the above measurement from the desired bracelet size (i.e. 7.5″) and cut the bungee cord.  I use a lighter to burn the ends to get rid of frays (do this outside so you don’t choke yourself out).

Attach the fold over end findings to the end of the cord (see the photo above) using chain nose pliers.

Connect the two ends with the wrapped bead link.  Use this tutorial for making a wrapped bead link EXCEPT before wrapping up the loop connect it to the loop on the fold over end finding/cord.

Sparkly Bungee Cord BraceletsDone and done!


Pepperell Braiding Co. for bungee cord

Beadalon 20g. Artistic Wire

Beads from