Soup Recipe Ideas for a Cold Day

Candie Cooper Snow PictureYesterday, we got hammered with snow.  This is our backyard.  It would have been a perfect blanket of snow until my husband “thought” he lost his keys out there.  Just minutes earlier, life was good and he was out feeding the birds.  So like a good wifey, I started skimming his path with a snow shovel to see if we could find them.  Panning for keys on the snowiest day in years was a joy.  Ten minutes into this hour long process, I suggested he peel off his coveralls to see if maybe they got stuck somewhere.  “No, no!  They’re a huge wad of keys!  I would feel them!!”  What do I know?  It was so bad he rifled through the bird seed bag looking for them, then told me to look in there.  Meanwhile, the birds were busy loading up on bird seed, flitting around to stay warm.  An hour later, we were frozen and I waved the white flag.  See ya in the spring, keys!  I’m out.  I came in to a project I’d been looking forward to for weeks:  making ham and beans.  Random, I know.  The next thing I hear from the porch goes something like this: “Uh oh!”  I already know.  You already know.  We don’t even need to ask.  “What?” comes out of my mouth.  “Nothinggg.”  Clomp clomp clomp I go out to the porch, keys on the ground.  “Mmmhmmm….would feel them right?”  This is married life at it’s finest.  Clomp, clomp, clomp back to the ham and beans.
Candie Cooper Soup RecipesThe beans were already soaked overnight and my father-in-law saved the ham bone for me from Christmas (from Honey Baked Ham).  This dish is an Indiana fave!  It went together really easy and since it was snowing, I decided to be like the birds, stocking up with a pot of cream of mushroom soup (nothing makes me happier than dueling soup pots. I love soup.)  I sampled it–deeelish!  If you’re making it for company, I would double it because it made 4 cups exactly.  It’s now in our freezer.  I bought a ton of deli freezer containers on Amazon to freeze soups specifically. They’re perfect.  Especially if you’re husband doesn’t love curried cauliflower soup or Moroccan carrot Soup and you do.

Here are the two links to the soups as well as my SOUP board on Pinterest plus the delic containers:

Candie cooper ice rainbows 2This morning we are snowed in.  Literally.  No traveling.  We’re enjoying the view out our back window.  I’ve got craft projects up to my ears,  I’m guest posting on the Jesse James Beads Facebook page, and I leave for California to work with Plaid at the Craft and Hobby Show on Friday at 7AM.  It’s going to be a fast week!

Stay Warm.  Stay Well.  And for God’s sake, don’t loose your keys in the snow!