Decorating Valentine Cookies

Sugar Coookie DecoratingWhat a delightful Valentine weekend.  I rode along with my sweet hubs to Ft. Wayne to pick up Valentine sugar cookie decorations on Friday (more on that in a minute).  We also did a little shopping in the evening then attempted to have a romantic dinner, only to give up and go to Chick-Fil-A.  Yep.  We’ve been married for 2 years now and were perfectly content with Chick-Fil-A.

All weekend there were sweet treats and tokens of love.  It was so fun!  Pretty cards.  A package in the mail.  A package left on the doorstep.  Cookie baking.  Heart sprinkles.  A big gift.  A little trinket.  Helium balloons bobbing around.  Fondue.

I loved it all.  Thank you, sweet weekend and everyone who decorated it with thoughtfulness.  Especially to my hubs.  I <3 you.Cookie Decorating

These are the cookies I made Valentine’s morning.  My gram and grandpa came over and watched me decorate them.  It was funny because usually I go to grams for seasonal baking (here’s the recipe we use), but this year with Tucson it didn’t line up.  Yet it did.  I’m thankful the Universe takes care of traditions in it’s own special way.

Are you loving these Russian doll sugar lay-ons?  Do you need some of your own?  Here’s a link to the shop I went to so you can get your own!  Here’s a link to the wafer leaves too.  Make sure you check out all the sugar lay-ons.  There are some super cute ones!  Confession:  I didn’t know there was a technical name for lay-ons until about 2 minutes ago when I looked up the link.  To me, they were sugar crispy things that you put on cupcakes.  I also didn’t know that sugar sprinkles come in multiple sizes.  Turns out, I’m a big fan of sugar crystals–especially metallic gold ones.  I walked around the store with my mouth gaping, like what is this strange and mystical place (special thanks to the man chair they had for my husband).  A whole new world!  I’m excited.

To be continued…

For sure.