Monarch Wing Necklace

Candie Cooper cocoonLook what I found putting up the Christmas lights?!  It was such an unexpected gift to remind me of a book I read a long time ago.  It started out where she was walking and found a cocoon that she took back to her yard and watched through the winter until the butterfly emerged.  It was an analogy of change and life (and so many things).  I was going through a really hard break-up at the time.  This reminder was much needed because my life is happy now.  Completely different.  I’m about 5 hours away from my bookshelf and memory of the title is failing me!  I’ll find it when I go home.

I’m always self analyzing and thinking.  Do you do that?  Like the cocoon and the changes I make in this life, I go through my ugly phase, a little awkward, praying to God I come out better or more “beautiful.”  Sorry to get all deep after starting a post about Christmas decorating.  I just wanted to acknowledge this gift.

Monarch Necklace By Candie Cooper 1Here’s a necklace I made with a butterfly wing after finding that cocoon.  It’s symbolic.   I made the necklace for a mini jewelry class video for Plaid Crafts with their bead and jewelry products to show how to string a necklace of beads.  I love this pendant.  I love the polka dot beads.  I love the sparkle.  And I love teaching other people how to make jewelry.

Monarch wing necklace by Candie CooperThe awesome thing about jewelry with symbolism is that  you can design it to wear as a gentle reminder of whatever you are working on or striving for (between you and God).  It can be a celebration statement.  In my case:  Change is possible.

Keep the Faith–