Cabin Living and Pie Irons

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Greetings from a sweet little cabin!  I'll admit it took a minute to get used to the one room lifestyle, but now I love the simplicty of it.  And Rocker loves his big yard.  We're not sure if we can ever go back to city life.
Candie on the farm
This is what I look like on a lazy weekend.  My boyfriend gave me the camo hat.  That's what love does to you.  It makes you wear camo.  The first time in 32 years, people.
Rocker camo
Rocker got a camo hoodie for Christmas.  He's in love also.  Not so in love with having his picture taken.

Candie on the farm
These are some pictures from our Winter picnic we had a few weeks ago.  I checked the forecast and maybe we'll get some outdoor time in on Saturday.  Fingers and toes crossed.  In the picture, you'll see my favorite campfire activity (well, next to toasted marshmallows)—pudgy pies!  See the pie iron?  They make cute little toasted sandwiches like this:

Candie on the farm
Super cute, huh? And so yummy and fun to make!  You can put anything in them.  Pie filling, pizza stuff, or good ol' ham and cheese.  Sweet or savory, you and your family are going to love them.  Check out some ideas here.  Is the vintage plate too over the top?  I love contrast.  Camo hats and foo foo plates.  Pretty darn sweet.
**I wanted to give my friend Blake a shout out for making a giant "C" for the mantel.  If you're interested in getting your family initial, holler, and I'll pass his info along to you.