Baked Apple Recipe


Oh Fall, how I love thee.  September 23rd is the official first day of fall, but I am enjoying the cool mornings and evenings.  I think I've already said this.  This summer has been long, productive and hot.  Lots of growth in so many forms.  Thank you, World.  And thank you Fall for coming along and cooling things down.

On Monday, I spent the evening with friends.  Stir fry and baked apples and laughter and even some coloring.  It was so cozy and nice.  Again, thank you, World.   Here's a link to a baked apple recipe if you get the itch. Don't forget the vanilla bean ice cream.  

On a final note, I've gotten so many emails from readers looking for the pencil torch in my book, Metalworking 101 for Beaders.  I'm so very sad to say Bernzomatic stopped making them.  I know. (sigh)  I can't believe it myself.  If anyone wants to start a petition, begging them to make them again, consider my name added to the list.  Until then it's back to acetylene and air or a little butane torch for us, kids (or at least for me).