Beadalon & Katydids Beading Contest

Hello there!  Ok, so ever since I had to get my driver's license last week, I've been thinking about how to smile without showing your teeth.  That's the rule now—can't show your teeth in your driver's license picture because of photo recognition.  How messed up is that?  Whatever.  Actually teeth has been the theme around here it seems.  Strange.  Over the weekend I bought a shoebox full of junk jewelry for $1, but in the mix of gems was also Grandma's bridgework.  Yowza.  I cringed when I saw the teeth and metal…………tangled in chains.  These are the days of a jewelry maker's life.  Crazy.  Also, I've had Gaga's Teeth song blaring down in my studio.   It's catchy.  Believe it or not my aunt introduced me to it. Play with smiles and pictures over on PhotoFunia!  Show your teeth…or don't–it's fun either way.

ClocksIn other news, my girl Katie Hacker is having a beading contest.  See those sweet little rings in the drawer?  Those are Katydids!  This is a fun, easy challenge to see what you can fill your Katydid's components with.  Resin, clay, beads, paper, Mod Podge, you name it!  Make it super simple or extra complicated.  The winning loot Beadalon and Katie are giving away is worth a try, people!   I know it's scary to put your work out there sometimes, but this is a chance to be brave.  What do you have to lose? I started fiddling with some pieces this morning.  Now I just need a little bit more time to finish up. šŸ˜‰

*P.S. I've seen Katydids at Michael's Craft store and they come in different shapes.