Aluminum Fabric Earrings

This post brought to you by Beadalon!Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsDay 4, Party People!

And that calls for some earrings that are ready to party!  Or go to work.  I like them for both!Aluminum Fabric EarringsOh hey gold and silver.  It’s Candie calling.  Wanna hang?


for the pun.

This girl can’t help herself!
Earring making with Beadalon findings

These earrings are super simple (it is hump day after all) to make.  I used two pieces of Beadalon Aluminum Fabric, Swarovski crystal charms,  a few inches of chain and some cool ear wires from Beadalon.Artistic Wire Aluminum Fabric From BeadalonAluminum Fabric comes in 3 different metal colors as well as sizes.  I’m using the squares.  It is super flexible and really does drape and fold like fabric.

On another note, you’ve probably noticed gold is trending right now and I think you’ll love the warm tone of the gold Aluminum Fabric.  Aluminum Fabric by BeadalonI was looking at this Aluminum Fabric and noticed the back side (on right) is just as cool as the front.  It could be extra nice embedded in resin jewelry or with tiny flat back crystals .Attaching chains with a jump ringCut a couple pieces of chain so they are offset and attach to a tiny jump ring.Aluminum MeshRemove the corner piece of Aluminum Fabric, leaving only a ring where it will hang from.
Easy Earring idea with Beadalon Aluminum Fabric and Swarovski CrystalsHang the pieces of chain and aluminum fabric onto the ear wire.  I love these ear wires because the connection point is hidden. so it gives a really nice finished look.

Also, look how many things you could hang on the loop?!  The wheels are turning…  Stack em’ up!Easy and Sparkly Earring Idea on Candie Cooper's Blog

Aluminum Fabric EarringsI’m ready to hit the dance floor! Who’s with me??

Easy Necklace Making

This post brought to you by Beadalon!Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsDay 3 of Spring Beadalon Break and I wanna here a heck yeah if you love easy jewelry making!

Picture me “raising the roof”…from Candie Cooper's DIY Jewelry Making Blog
Or playing a tambourine?

Don’t ask.

But, I know you’re curious…


My mom and I share a creative space in which she has a small music studio and sometimes when she’s not there, I use her instruments as props.  That’s all.

Ok, let’s get to it!
Easy Necklace Making IdeaRecently Beadalon sent a spool of their .024 diameter 49 strand gold beading wire for me to try out and let me tell you—I’m in LOVE!  It’s so thick and glorious.  It looks amazing all by itself!Beadalon .024 Diameter Nylon Coated  Beading WireIt comes in different colors too!

Can I get another heck yeah?Beadalon tools and wireIt only takes a few ingredients to make this simple necklace.  Other than the .024 Beadalon wire, the key item is a donut pendant.  Do you have a pile laying around like me?  Let’s use em’ up!  You’ll also want some #3 crimp tubes for the thicker wire, your basic jewelry making tools set, some beads and a clasp.How to Make a modern illusion style necklaceString the donut bead onto the heavy wire and determine how long you want your necklace.  Trim the end from the spool and slide a crimp bead over both ends of the wire.

Flat crimp the crimp tube with chain nose pliers by smooshing the crimp bead.

Smoosh it.  Smoosh it good.DIY Jewelry Making flat crimping illusion necklaceString the beads onto one side of the wire and separate each bead with two crimp beads.  Use a tool of some sort to help create equal distance between each crimp bead–I’m using a tiny ruler.

Flat crimp again.DIY Jewelry Making Modern Illusion NecklaceThen slide your first bead against the crimp bead.  Crimp the next tube so it keeps the bead in place along the wire.DIY Jewelry Making Illusion style necklace Use your measuring tool again and flat crimp the next crimp tube.Easy Necklace Making Idea from Candie Cooper with Beadalon Wire

Repeat, completing  both sides of the wire.How to Crimp Part 1To finish the ends with a toggle clasp, we will use the traditional crimping method.  Slide a crimp tube onto the beading wire followed by one half of the clasp.  Thread the tail of the wire back through the crimp bead, snugging the tube up against the clasp, but not so much that your clasp cannot move freely.How to crimp Part 23Put the crimp tube in the “U” shape opening on the crimping pliers and crimp.How to crimp Part 33Turn the crimp tube 90 degrees and place in the outside opening to roll the crimp bead into a tight C or shut.DIY Jewelry Making with thick beading wire from BeadalonI created this necklace to match this unique chain.  49 strand .024 diameter gold Beadalon wireHere’s another version with a handmade glass donut bead.  With a focal piece like this, it’s nice to highlight the beauty of it with minimal stringing work around it. from Candie Cooper's DIY Jewelry Making Blog

How to Make Easy Ear Wires

This post brought to you by Beadalon!Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsAnd here we are on Day two of Spring Beadalon Break!

Let me cut to the chase:

My name is Candie Cooper….Candie Cooper, jewelry artist and authorand I am absolutely obsessed with fringe (and jean jackets, but that’s a story for another day).

Have been for awhile, but lately with the fashions it’s gotten extra bad.

So, in this post I’m going to get you to come on over to the dark side and show you how to make fringed metal earrings with Beadalon Artistic Wire as well as how to make easy ear wires with their new Artistic Wire Findings Forms.

Shake it if you got it!

Let’s go!Metal Fringed Earrings from Candie Cooper with Beadalon productsThese earrings go together so fast and you can make the metal fringe as loooong as you like because we are actually using a coil of flat Artistic Wire.How to Make Ear Wires with Beadalon productsMaterials list from Left to Right:  Beadalon Quick Links in gold and silver colors (25mm and 20mm diameter),  20g. silver plated Artistic Wire, Artistic Wire Ear Wire jig, Flat Artistic wire in gold and silver, steel bench block, file, chasing hammer, riveting hammer, Ergo jewelry making plier set, sand paper and a few beads and head pins.Artistic Wire earringsLet’s jump into making the fringe.  Make a loop at the end of the flat wire with round nose pliers.  Trim to the desired length. Flat Artistic Wire You’ll need five pieces per earring so you can decide what colors and lengths you like.  The wire cuts easily with regular wire cutters.Making metal jewelry with Beadalon's Artistic WireFile the corners on the bottom for obvious reasons.Texturing metal with a chasing hammerHammer time!  Hammer the wire pieces on a steel block with the chasing hammer to create dimples on the surface of the metal.  I like to hit the ends extra so it flares them a bit.DIY Metalworking with Beadalon's Artistic WireThis is traditionally used as a riveting hammer.  They make special hammers shaped like this for texturing too if you really get into this.

Now I want to show you how to make easy ear wires!How to Make Consistent Ear Wires with an Artistic Wire jig from BeadalonThis handy dandy Findings Forms jig from Beadalon makes DIY ear wires a breeze.  This one is especially cool because it makes long legged ear wires so you can change the ear wire to suit your design.  For this project, I just need some good ol’ fashioned French ear wires with a slightly larger loop than traditional ear wires have.DIY Jewelry Making How to make ear wiresOnce you’ve wrapped the 20g. wire around, trim the back and pull the ear wire from the jig.DIY Jewelry Making  Making Ear Wires with an Artistic Wire jigLike I mentioned earlier, because of this long leg, you could also add a bead or do an easy wrapped loop closure.  Trim the front…How to make ear wires with 20g. wireand roll it back to create a large loop.  To add some extra strength to the ear wire, hammer the top arched part on a steel block to harden the wire.Making Earrings with Metal Fringe and Quik Links from BeadalonNext open up all the fringe pieces and connect them to the large Quick Link.Making Coachella Inspired Fringed EarringsI created a little Czech bead dangle to hang with my layered hoops.  A little color never hurt anybody!

How to make earrings from Candie Cooper with Beadalon Artistic WireDone and done!

Candie Cooper JewelryTwo metal color jewelry makes me HAPPY!

DIY Coachella Inspired Earrings from Candie Cooper

CandieCooper.comNow go on with your bad self!

I’ll see you tomorrow with another tutorial!


How To Make Macrame’ Bracelets

This post brought to you by Beadalon.Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsThe Spring Beadalon Break 2015 parTAY has officially started, people!  All this week you’ll find fun tutorials on my blog with Beadalon products.  I’m really excited about it.  First up:  Macrame Bracelets!Jewlery Making DIY Macrame Bracelet TutorialMacrame’ hemp jewelry will always have a special place in my heart because I made a ton of it when I was in high school–very early in my jewelry making career.  Picture me thrifting for chunky glass beads, tying the cords to my toe and knotting my heart out.  Cue Dave Matthews band.

Those were the days. (snaps back into reality)

These days, I’m loving the texture that hemp adds to my bracelet stack.  Macrame tying station tool and beading supplies from BeadalonAnd thanks to Beadalon, my not-so-flexible self doesn’t have to secure the cords to my toe, because they made a cool Tying Station.

For this bracelet you will need:  the Tying Station, 19 strand beading wire .018 diameter, hemp cord, clasp, crimp beads and beads (I’m using Czech).  AND some wire cutters!Beadalon's tying stationI really love the Tying Station because you can make hemp jewelry without having large holed beads (oh and that I don’t have to sit like a pretzel for hours while I knot).  Here’s how:How to macrame a bracelet with Beadalon's tying stationString the beads for your bracelet onto the beading wire.

Secure the end of beading wire with a crimp bead onto the top peg of the Beadalon tying station.  The loop needs to be loose so you can slide it off easily.Beadalon Tying StationWrap the opposite end around the bottom, under the plate of the Tying Station and twist the nut down so the cord can’t slide.Step 1 It was when I looked at this with fresh eyes and thought to myself yeeeahhhhhhh.  No.

What is going on in this photo??

The Hokie Pokie?


For the hemp:  Cut a yard of cord and tie it to the central wire so that both tails are even length.

And now, I’m going to send you here, if you want to learn this basic square not.

Macrame Jewelry Tutorial with Beadalon Tying Station toolWhy I didn’t make all the knots like this photo?  I have no idea.  BUT!  You get the idea right?  Slide a bead into place and knot around it.

Making an easy bracelet on Beadalon's Tying Station toolThe second reason I love this tools is because of the measurements on the side so you know how long your bracelet will be.

Also, you can also use the tool to create really long wrap around bracelets thanks to the foam plates that hold everything down.

Right now, this bracelet is 7.25″ long which is good if your clasp in 1/2 inch to 3/4″.DIY Macrame JewelryWhen you are finished, slide the bracelet down on the core wire toward the bottom peg.  This gives you a little wire on the end so you can cut away the loop and attach your clasp with crimp beads like normal.  Tie the hemp in a knot and secure it with multi-purpose epoxy.Macrame jewelry finishing ideasHere are a couple clasp ideas  (from L to R): traditional toggle, seed bead loop/button, button/lobster clasp.Macrame JewelryI love all the colors hemp comes in now.  When I was in school we had brown, brown, or brown.How to make macrame jewelryThe peach bracelet on the right is actually a necklace or wrap around bracelet.

DIY Macrame Bracelet TutorialStack em’ up! and wear em’ proud!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a new tutorial, Beadalon Breakers!


More info on the Tying Station on the Beadalon site!

How To Make A Statement Bracelet

Jewelry Making How to Make Statement Bracelets with Sparkly Cup Chain

This post brought to you by Beadalon.Are you looking for a fast, instant craftification project?  Are you making your own wedding jewelry or bridesmaid gifts?  Do you have the winter blues and need a sparkle fix?

Beadalon Slide Connector Clasps
DIY Party Jewelry
Beadalon Slide Connector Clasp
Beadalon Slide Connector Clasps
Jewelry Making Amazing wire cutters from Beadalon.
Jewelry Making Slide Connector Clasp for Cup Chain
Beadalon Slide Connector Clasps for Statement Bracelet

Then, boy, do I have a project for you!  I’m going to show you how to make an amazing statement bracelet piece in minutes.For this project, you will need a Beadalon slide connector clasp and crystal cup chain.  You can also add in Beadalon double ball chain for a new texture (I’ll show you an example in a minute).Most of the bracelets I did are in gold.  I had a lot of gold metal cup chain and also gold is hot right now in fashion jewelry.The inside diameter of the clasp is 4.5mm so make sure your cup chain crystals are smaller than that.The slide connectors come in 3 lengths:  13mm, 20mm, and 25mm (basically 1/2″ to 1″).Determine the length of bracelet you want and cut the chain accordingly.  I figured the clasp to take up 1″ so to make a 7″ bracelet, I cut the chain to 6″ sections.  The nice thing about the slide connectors is the chain extender feature so if you need it to be longer, you’re covered.You’re going to freak when you see how fast these go together!  Slide the first crystal into the tube.  Repeat with the remaining chains.Once the tube is loaded with chain, fold the tab over with pliers or use your finger (like I do). Push the end down on a hard surface to get it really closed.

DIY Jewelry Making  Sparkle Clasp from Beadalon
DIY Wedding Jewelry Idea Statement Bracelets
DIY Jewelry Making  Cup Chain Bracelets
Beadalon Chain and Clasps
Cup Chain Bracelets

Repeat for the opposite side of the bracelet.If you want to bump up the clasp a bit, check out Beadalon’s sparkly lobster clasp.And that’s honestly all there is to it!  This is the pile of bracelets I made last night.Cup chain is so fancy. Here’s a closer look at the double ball chain from Beadalon.  Full story–this is only available in silver now.  Don’t fall in love with the gold.  Ok?  Thank you and I’m really sorry I used it before seeing that.  Let me know if I need to start a petition for Beadalon to bring it back.  “Save the Gold Double Ball Chain” we’ll call it.

Jewelry Making Statement Bracelets

Check out Beadalon’s video for more ways to use the clasp!

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Make Sparkly Earrings with Stone Sett

This post brought to you by Beadaon!
Jewelry Making DIY Sparkle Earrings with Beadalon Stone Sett

State of Affairs showThis is where it all started–the earrings Katherine Heigl was wearing on her new show, State of Affairs.  I got completely distracted by the sweet simplicity of them.  Does this happen to you?  They were really eye catching and reminded of Beadalon’s new findings called, Stone Sett.

Stone Sett findings make it easy to set stones and CZ drops like these.

Stone Sett stylesThe settings come in a ton of different shapes so you can set pretty much whatever you like.  Beadalon also has stunning cubic zirconia drops to fit in the settings.  Ooo la la!  That’s what I used to make my earrings.

Beadalon Stone SettEach setting will say what size CZ drop you can use in it on the back of the package to make life easy (and fool proof sparkly earrings).

Jewelry Making Stone Sett earring materialsThese are some of the Beadalon findings I used to make the earrings above.  Super easy!

StoneSett charmEach of the findings have a clear spot where the CZ drop sits.

Setting a stone with Beadalon Stone SettThen, use chain nose pliers to GENTLY squeeze the setting closed.  The.  End.

Ok, not really.

Now it’s time to connect your heart out.  Use chains, jump rings and whatever your heart desires to construct the earrings.  It can be as simple as hanging the drops on a pair of kidney shaped ear wires like this!

Beadalon Stone Sett EarringsDone and done!  How do ya like them apples?!

Beadalon Stone Sett Earrings on Candie Cooper's blog

Jewelry Making Stone Sett earring trio from Beadalon findingsPretty, right?  Starting the New Year with a little sparkle is always a good idea!  I hope 2015 is off to a great start for you!

How to Make a Bracelet

This post is brought to you by Beadalon.How to Make Easy Bracelets on Candie Cooper's blogLooking to add a little spice to your fall wardrobe?  These DIY statement bracelets will do the trick and they only take about ten minutes each to make.
Candie Cooper Jewelry Work BenchWelcome back to my work table up here in my studio nest.  Admittedly,  it’s gotten a little more cluttered because I moved more stuff up from the back porch.  It takes me awhile to figure out where I want things, plus I’d rather be making than cleaning.  Anyone with me?
Jewelry Making Easy Tassel Bracelet Tutorial with Beadalon Elasticity via Candie CooperSo the other day I rode along with my husband to a fun little town where he had to meet some clients.  I worked at a coffee shop for the first couple hours, then we explored during lunch time.  Guess what we stumbled upon?  A bead shop, closing, everything 50% off.  It was bittersweet.  I hate seeing a cute shop closing like this, but the lady was happily retiring so I guess it was bittersweet for her too.  She had a great collection of Czech glass that I loaded up on and that’s what I used to make these bracelets.

You will also need some Beadalon Elasticity, perhaps some sweet charms and tassels, and metal spacer beads.
Chain nose pliers for attaching charms to braceletsFirst things first, grab your chain nose pliers and add a jump ring to each charm so they are ready to string.
How to attach a charm to a braceletOpen your jump ring from side to side (not like a “C”) and attach a charm.  Close the ring how you opened it.  This keeps it perfectly circular.  Beadalon makes findings like these jump rings in a ton of metal finishes and thicknesses.
Beadalon clear beading elastic, ElasticityLet’s talk a little bit about beading elastic.  Elasticity comes in different diameters–.8 and 1mm seen above are the two I use the most.  I use as thick of elastic as I can that will fit through the bead holes so my bracelet is strong.
Beadalon Elasticity in size .8mm for smaller holed beadsWe all know no two beads are alike so check all your beads to the diameter of Elasticity before stringing.
How to make an elastic braceletThank the Lord for bead boards.  I use Beadalon’s version with the case so it stays nice and clean plus it travels well (from my studio to my lazy girl chair or even in a suitcase).  Lay out your beads and charms on the outer row.  This one is in inches so you can see how long your bracelet will be.  Start stringing…How to tie beading elasticWhen you’re happy with the bracelet, check the back of the Elasticity package for how to tie a secure knot.  It’s helpful to slide the knot towards the beads and then pull the tails apart to cinch the knot even more.
How to make an elastic bracelet, seal the knot with nail polish so it stays tightSecure the knot with a touch of clear nail polish.  Leave to dry, give it one last tug and then trim the ends leaving little tails.
Charm Bracelet tutorial on Candie Cooper's Blog
Charm Bracelets on Candie Cooper's blog with Beadalon jewelry making findingsI’ve been wearing these one at a time and all together with some metal bangles, comfy sweaters, brown boots, and my favorite orange scarf.  Cozy.