Beadalon Bracelet Jig Stretch Bracelet Part II

Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsGreetings Day Fivers!

Where has the time gone?  So in the last post, I showed you Beadalon’s new bracelet jig tool.  Now let’s turn that piece into a bracelet topper.
Finish the end with wrapped loopsWhen you pull the piece from the bracelet jig, you’ll have something like this.  Finish the ends with wrapped loops.Making stretch bracelets with Beadalon ElasticityFor the back end of the bracelet, I strung a section of topaz colored glass beads with brass spacer beads (easy!) in an alternating order.  By the way, I’m using Beadalon’s 1mm Elasticity, because I like the thickness, but they do have a smaller size just in case.
how to tie beading elasticDon’t forget to pull and stretch your elastic to break it in a bit.
Elasticity beading elasticKnot one end of the Elasticity to the bracelet topper.  I really love using the same color of Elasticity as the wire–blends right in! Trim the Elasticity from the spool, leaving a couple inches to tie the other side.
Cut the elasticTrim the extra Elasticity away, leaving about an 1/8th inch and dot the knot with nail polish.
Beadalon Bracelet Jig stretch braceletThe loops from the bracelet jig make a perfect place to connect bead dangles and charms if you like.  For me, I enjoyed the simplicity of this and the dainty flowers.

Speaking of, these acrylic flower beads are popping up everywhere at Bead Fest Spring. Hello spring, we’re glad you’re here!!
Stretch bracelet with Beadalon Bracelet Jig

Beadalon Bracelet Jig Idea

Beadalon Break 2015-a week full of DIY Jewelry Making  tutorialsDayyyyyyy FIVE of Spring Beadalon Break!

I have been helping with set up of the Jesse James Beads booth at Bead Fest Spring since 9AM today.  Where does the time go??  I will be teaching 10 classes at this Bead Fest.

No pressure.

(yeah right!)

It’s pouring right now–a good day for ducks, as my dad  says!

And to test drive the new Beadalon Bracelet Jig!

Beadalon Bracelet Jig Project from Candie CooperI’m doing this post in two parts.  For the first part, you’ll need the Beadalon Bracelet Jig, basic plier set plus some bead strands.Using Artistic Wire with the Bracelet JigString the beads onto 18g. Artistic Wire. Wire Working in Jewelry MakingNext, wrap your wire around the first peg on the jig, slide the bead(s) into place, put a peg in next to them and wrap the wire around it.

Beadalon Bracelet JigKeep going, adding a peg and wrapping after each flower for a total of 3 (but you could use more!).

Stay tuned to see how I use my Bracelet Jig focal piece.

In the meantime check out some of the bracelets below made by Meredith Roddy and Wyatt White at Beadalon!

Candie <3

P.S. In love with those rose beads?  Get your own from!DIY Bangle Bracelet Making with Beadalon Bracelet Jig

DIY Bracelet Making

Bangle Bracelet made with Beadalon Bracelet Jig