Banana Cream Pie Recipe Update

My last attempt at banana cream pie was a slight failure.  It tasted great, but let's face it… was banana pudding in a pie shell.  This time I cooked the pudding a little longer.  Ta daaaaa, the slice stands all by itself! Without failure, there is no success, boys and girls. 

Recipe here.  XOXO.

Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Banana cream pie

    I don't know why I've gained 10 lbs since dating my hunkie boyfriend.  Oh. Wait.  Yes, I do.  It's because I make him treats like this Banana Cream pie. I think it lasted 1.2 days because we ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  That said, we've got nothing but love for this Banana Cream Pie recipe.  Make one for your honey. 

    Boy, it was/is so windy on the prairie today.  I taught in the schools this morning and came home to find a table in the middle of the backyard far away from the cabin and some chairs and a bird house blown over.  It made me think about all the folks who are dealing with that times a billion with the tornado aftermath. My heart goes out.

   Crafty Book Club is tonight.  I've told you about Crafty Book Club, right?  We look at craft books on a specific theme and then I design and teach a craft for everyone to make.  Tonight's theme is Easter and there are 25 people signed up for decorating eggs with Folk Art paints and Extreme Glitter.  My mom, Jean, is coming to help.  I love Jean (yes, I call my mom "mom" and "jean" and "mother" depending on the moment).  CBC is 100% free thanks to our Wabash Carnegie Library.  Just one more thing that makes our little town special.