Apartment Therapy Book

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This book changed the way I think.  It's called Apartment Therapy–the eight step home cure by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan.  Apartment Therapy is brilliant!  You know this.  The book is AMAZING!  If your home does not feel like a sacred, comforting space, then truly, I think you'll find relief and answers on these pages.  A place to hang your hat?  What to keep.  What not to keep.  Something is broken?  I learned so much.  You don't have to live in an apartment either.  This is all basic info that can be applied to a tent or a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. 


Thanks everyone for commenting on the book give-away!  Sigh of relief!  I worried I was going to be like the Maytag man sitting here waiting for the comments to come.  You all saved me!

So keep em' coming.  Contest ends this Sunday @ Midnight EST!