Stringing Beads-The Basics

When it comes to stringing beads the most important thing is the stringing material. This is determined by what you are stringing and what you want the finished piece to look like.

Stringing Beads-The Basics

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Using Bails in your Jewelery

Make quick pendants that you can switch out easily with the use of a bail. Using bails is quite simple, let me show you how.

Video Tutorial with Candie Cooper Using Bails

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Wire Worked Candle Wreaths

For every holiday I enjoy putting together a special table display. It ties together the feel of the holiday and gives everyone something special to look at while we gather around the table. This year for my Thanksgiving table I have made some wire wrap wreaths to put around candles. Learn how to make wire wrapped candle wreaths for your own Thanksgiving or any other celebration.

Wire Wrapped Candle Wreaths Video Tutorial with Candie Cooper

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How to make ear wires

In the process of making your own jewelry sometimes you need to make your own components to get the exact look that you want. In this photo tutorial I will show you how to make your own ear wires for your next earring project.

Make your own ear wires

There are many different ways that you can make your own ear wires. Today I will show you how to make them using a jig or using pliers to freehand them. Lets start with using a jig.

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Making a Concho Pendant with Sizzix Die Cutters

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Concho dies for the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool. We will make  a trendy concho pendant necklace with a tassel.

How to make a concho pendant necklace with the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool

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It’s a Snap-Making a Leather Bracelet with the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool

Your Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool can cut many different shapes to make jewelry with. In this tutorial we are going to use a basic shape and turn it into an amazing DIY leather bracelet.

Photo Tutorial of a leather bracelet using the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool

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Riveted Floral with the Sizzix Jewelry Tool

Designing with the Sizzix Jewelry Studio tool has been a lot of fun. There are so many projects to make with this tool. Today I wanted to show you how to cut the floral shape and rivet it together with a filigree piece.

Riveting Flowers with Candie Cooper and Sizzix

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Favorite Bead Shops

Your Favorite Bead Shops from around the country.

Your Favorite Bead Shops

I asked and you answered. Over on the Candie Cooper Facebook page I asked for your list of favorite bead shops and you didn’t disapoint.

Take this list with you the next time you are making travel plans and be sure to stop at some of these locations. I know I will be adding a few to my travel list.

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Coffee With Candie Bead Fest Tacoma 2018

It is that time again. Bead Fest Tacoma is just around the corner. As always I will be hosting Coffee with Candie before the event on Saturday morning. Join me and other jewelry lovers for some coffee and conversation.

Make sure that you register for the correct goodie bag. Read through the whole post to make sure you get on the right list.

Coffee With Candie LIVE Event:

Coffee with Candie will be held from 9 to 10 AM in the lobby of the convention center just next to the Bead Fest registration area. This is not a Bead Fest event–you can register by through the link below. Registration is only for those that will be attending the event. Can’t make it to the event? Keep reading for your chance to get a SWAG bag.

Coffee with Candie PLUS Make and Take sponsored by:

Bead Fest Tacoma 2018 CWC RegistrationCost is $20 per person and you must pick up your swag bag in person.

Bead Fest Tacoma Candie Cooper Classes:

If you will be attending the event live why don’t you join me in class? Check out all of the Candie Cooper Bead Fest Tacoma classes on the Bead Fest website and register for one, or two or all of them.

Classes are sponsored by Beadalon, Dakota Stones and Sizzix and LeatherCord USA. Be sure to head over to the sponsor’s pages and show them some love. Without them I wouldn’t be able to bring you these great classes at an AMAZING price.

Wild at Heart SWAG Bags:

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the event, I haven’t forgot about you. For those that aren’t able to make it to live event we will be selling SAWG bags right here on the blog. By clicking the purchase link you will be taken to PayPal to fill out your information and pay the invoice.

There are 150 SWAG bags for those of you who can’t make the event. In order to make it fair for everyone to have a chance to purchase the SWAG bag we will be listing 75 of them at 9am EST and another 75 at 9pm EST. There is only one link to purchase. We will update the quantity with the second set of 75 at 9pm.

If you don’t get a bag at the first release please mark your calendar and check back for the second release. Please do NOT send us a message saying that you missed the bags at 9am, you will have a second chance in the evening. When the bags are sold out we are sold out.

PLEASE ONLY ONE BAG PER PERSON. Let’s all be kind and only take one bag per person. This will allow everyone a better chance of getting a bag. Thank you for understanding. SWAG bags are $20 plus $7 shipping. These will be sent in small priority boxes after the event is over.Wild At Heart SWAG Bag Purchase link

How to Make an Eye Pin for Jewelry

Making Your Own Eye Pin for Jewelry:

When creating your jewelry there are times when you can’t find the eye pin that you need. In these cases I make my own, getting a custom size without extra waste. In this photo tutorial I will show you how to make an eye pin for jewelry.

*This post has been sponsored by Beadalon*

Making an Eye Pin for Jewelry

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